Sunday, August 2, 2015

Medieval Game

Cardinal Lothario of Segni, who went on to be elected Pope Innocent III in 1198, explains to Medieval men why they should avoid marriage:
1. "A wife competes to have the most expensive dresses and accoutrements, so that the upkeep of the wife always exceeds her husband's fortune..."

2. "In general, she sighs and cries, day and night, and gossips and grumbles."

3. She'll say [of another woman], "She is better dressed and can go out in public, and is honored there by everyone; while I am the most miserable, the only one to be looked down upon in the gathering of women, and am disparaged by all." 

4. "Only she wishes to be loved, only she to be praised; praise of another is treated suspiciously as a disgrace to herself."

5. "Everything she loves is to be loved, everything she rejects is to be hated." 

6. "She wishes to win, but her victory is worthless."

7. "She cannot bear to serve, but strives to dominate." 

8. "She wants to be allowed to do anything and not be prohibited from anything."

9. "If she is beautiful, it is easy to fall in love with her, and if she is ugly she will willingly do her best; but it is difficult to keep hold of what is loved by many, and troublesome to possess what not wishes to have."

10. "You can try it out before you buy a horse, an ass, an ox or a dog, clothes or a bed, even a cup or a jug; but a wife is only glimpsed with difficulty, so that she might displease before she is taken; whatever might come about in the end, she must be kept by necessity, even if she is fat, stinky, ill, idiotic, or even proud or irascible, or if she has any corrupted blemish."
Godless heathens and other Christians often wonder why celibacy is mandatory for Catholic clergy. Wouldn't they offer better advice to married couples if priests had firsthand knowledge of the joys and difficulties of marriage? Over a thousand years worth of discipline and theological work has gone into clerical celibacy so it's not going to change any time soon. Strictly speaking, the early Church never allowed priests to marry, but rather ordained married men. In other words, if an an unmarried man was ordained a priest, he could not marry later. Why would they need to anyway? Priests are already living in poverty, celibacy and obedience, ha.

Seriously though, the celibate Catholic priest often has keener insights into the nature of marriage by nature of his being an impartial outside observer. They've seen and heard it all within a few years of their ordinations. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop many of them from embracing the lies of feminism or progressivism. In the 21st century, the vast majority of lay people who work side by side with priests every day are women. In the United States, something like 80+ percent of all lay volunteers and employees at the parish and diocesan levels are women. Father has to tread carefully lest he be called onto the carpet at the chancery and scolded for not being paaaaastoral.

But as Pope Innocent III shows us, humans may invent new technologies and toys to amuse themselves but human nature never changes.

Music break

There's just something about 80's hair metal that really makes me believe in myself and that I can achieve great things.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rest in peace Hot Rod

61 may as well be 200 in professional wrestling years, but "Rowdy" Roddy Piper left us too soon. Truly one of the great wrestling villains of all time.

As fate would have it, this was his last interview:

You can choose whatever you like, so long as it's liberalism

Left- and right-liberals (also known as cuckservatives) both accept the premise that the highest principle of politics is freedom. They believe that we have transcended the petty religious, racial, and tribal squabbles of bygone eras and that history has culminated in liberalism, with right-liberals generally preferring liberalism as it was forty to fifty years ago. Liberalism sees itself as metaphysically neutral, an impartial umpire that ensures none of the tribes within its loving embrace oppresses the others. It's not a coincidence that the State has grown ever larger and more intrusive along with the vibrant diversity of the United States.

Freedom means we are able to choose what we wish to choose. Making freedom our highest principle is therefore contradictory as politics essentially means resolving disputes. Freedom as such makes no distinctions between good and evil. If Jones wants to sell the organs of murdered babies from a Planned Parenthood clinic and Smith thinks Jones should swing from a lamppost for doing so, they cannot both have what they want. If freedom is treated as the highest good, then discrimination between good and evil becomes impossible. All choices must be treated as equal and valid. Politics simply is authoritative discrimination in favor of a particular worldview. A metaphysically "neutral" politics is incoherent and naturally results in wickedness flourishing.

The other guiding principle of liberalism is equality. Equality means reconstructing society as though certain facts were not true such as men and women are different, or that there are intractable differences between races. The alt-right does a lot of good work exposing the follies of equalism, and more power to them. If you wish to permanently escape the mind trap of liberalism though, it's not enough to reject equality. That's only a half-way measure. You must also reject liberalism's idea of freedom.

Seven years later

In August 2008, I resigned from my job to enter the seminary and study to become a Catholic priest. I thought that by August 2015, I'd be in some small rural parish somewhere, celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, reconciling sinners to God, and preaching the true doctrine which the people had been deprived of for so long. In reality, I'm almost right back where I started, a good deal more embittered and cynical about the Church but pleased with both my new day job and my writing gig with Return of Kings.

The one time my writing has ever gotten me in trouble was in the seminary, heh. As recently as 20 years ago, most American seminaries were hellholes of heresy and homosexuality. It's not nearly that bad anymore. They really have improved. But the scars of those dark days remain and it shows in what the seminary administration chooses to focus on and what not to focus on. I said so in a letter to the priest who was my godparent at my baptism. He complained to the vocation director who didn't think it was a big deal because I was, in fact, right about what I said. That year I was the cross bearer at my diocese's priestly ordinations. That same priest saw me still there in good standing so he complained directly to the seminary.

The rector used all of the usual Church flavored psychobabble: "Andrew seems like a deeply angry young man…" I could see where the meeting was going, and I was thinking, "I wasn't before but I'm getting that way now." Three years later, he himself was fired by the Archbishop. Schadenfreude is not a Christian sentiment, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel it just a little.

It does make me cynical about the diocese's constant pleas to pray for vocations. Why should I when you are turning away men who are both willing and able to be priests? Strictly speaking, there is never a shortage of vocations, for who would dare suggest God does not call enough men to be priests and provide for the spiritual needs of the people? Rather there is a shortage of the kind of men bishops and seminaries like who are both able and willing to be priests. The key word is "formation." They want to mold you into their own image and likeness, and if you already have firm Traditionalist and reactionary convictions they're going to make life difficult for you. They sugarcoat it by saying you have to meet people where they're at to accompany them on their spiritual journey and all that other Vatican II hippie nonsense. By their fruits ye shall know them; the declining participation in the sacraments over the last fifty years speaks for itself.

I rather enjoy having the greater freedom of the layperson and I'm glad I don't have progressive chancery apparatchiks breathing down my neck all the time. Even my buddy the youth minister, as a full time employee of a parish, has to deal with that bureaucratic bullshit and I don't envy him that, no matter how much I enjoy working with the teens. It's God's Church, so it's future is in his hands, just as my own life is in his hands.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What if I told you that you took the purple pill?

Last week's article garnered many more comments than I was expecting for one that focused so much on classical theology and philosophy. The Right is mostly white men with a true diversity of viewpoints, in contrast to the Left which is a Coalition of the Fringes that marches in ideological lockstep when it comes to sticking it cishet white male shitlords. I'm a firm believer in no enemies to the Right. The Church would have much more success at bringing in converts if she focused on those who are as disgusted with liberalism as we are.

Given the nature of discussions about God's existence, lots of flat earth atheists showed up to vent their spleens about how religion is fairy tales, superstition, bronze age myths (I hear that term "bronze age" come up a lot; did it become a meme a few years back or something?) and of no use for the Nietzschean superman who has liberated himself from the shackles which bound his stupid benighted ancestors.

Men who reject progressivism but also angrily reject God have taken the purple pill. Rather disconnecting, they've pulled up stakes and relocated to another corner of the Matrix. If the red pill means seeing reality as it truly is, then that necessarily entails acknowledging that some truths transcend man or our ability to know it through the scientific method (the most ardent proponents of science on the internet are generally the ones who understand the least.) You'd think that a man who realizes that gender equality and feminism are manifest lies would be open to considering that maybe other things he's been raised with - positivism, post-modernism, materialism - are also lies.

For example, fat acceptance will never sink in among the general population, no matter what they may say to the pollsters. Attraction cannot be negotiated. A 400 pound woman in a wheelchair will not get the same attention from men as an HB10. The fat woman may be a perfectly kind hearted individual with a beautiful soul in the eyes of God, but the great majority of men simply won't find her sexually attractive. Beauty is objective. Men can reasonably disagree on whether Mozart's or Shostakovich's music is more beautiful, but they are both, in fact, beautiful. A man who interjected that he thinks Miley Cyrus's music is more beautiful would be considered having poor taste or ignorant of music.

But if we're simply meat robots, then it doesn't make a lot of sense to speak of the objectivity of truth, goodness, and beauty. If materialism is true and metaphysics is nothing but mystical mumbo-jumbo, then we've nowhere else to turn. Reality is whatever the powerful say it is because they have the most guns. Against Islam in particular, secular liberalism stands no chance. You can only fight an evil and false religion with the true and good religion.

My new post at Return of Kings

This week we examine The Four Cardinal Virtues:
Traditional Christian theology names faith, hope, and charity as the theological virtues. They are directly imparted to the believing Christian by the grace of God and are not attainable through the natural order. They are called theological because they have God for their immediate and proper object; because they are divinely infused; and because they are only known through divine revelation.
Grace perfects nature and the three theological virtues are the flowers of the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude. The word cardinal comes the Latin cardo, translated as “hinge.” Whether you’re a lifelong Christian or a Godless heathen, the cardinal virtues are part of the natural moral order and can be cultivated through self-discipline and hard work. We must cultivate them if we expect to live a happy life in this world.
Read the rest there. I rather enjoy quoting myself at length.