Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He's OUR son of a bitch

Hell yeah. Hell yeah:

The Church is in a state of sloth from suckling on the state’s teat because most Catholic charities around the world are funded by grants, not the faithful. Priests have disappeared from their confessionals and rectories to hang out in louche leather bars. Lawsuits and inner-city decay have bankrupted dioceses around the world. Folks in Europe don’t even pretend the Church exists anymore. So we do not need a black pope, we do not need a pastoral pope, we do not need a friendly pope, and we do not need some smiling old forgettable jackass. We need a son of a bitch pope. We need an unsmiling grumpy old man who says things such as “Get your ass to work on corporal works of mercy or you’ll go to hell” and “Now, therefore, we declare, say, define, and pronounce that for every human creature it is altogether necessary for salvation to be subject to the authority of the Roman pontiff.” If talking-head media libtard gasbags squawk, he can always use the papal form of the old F.U.: “I shall remember you in my intentions at Mass.”
I couldn't have put it better myself. Don't stop with the pope though. I say bring on the son of a bitch bishops and priests. Enough of these mincing paaaastoral nice guys. Down with Father Flapdoodle in his short sleeved clerical shirt and blue jeans. To hell with the flaccid sermons which tell us that Jesus was a nice guy so we should all be nice to our neighbor too. Contrast this with the holy St. John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests: he once said from the pulpit that if parents do not instruct their children in the faith, then they can spend their first few decades in hell preparing rooms for when their little monsters join them. If he said that today, he'd be immediately banished to the wilderness of hospital chaplaincy which is where many bishops and religious superiors send trouble priests who squawk too much about getting into heaven and staying out of hell.

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