Monday, April 29, 2013

Death of a Republican salesman

Vox ponders the death of the Republican blogosphere:

An even more important factor is the sapping of right-wing energy by thirteen straight years of relentless betrayal of conservative principles by the Republican Party. Libertarian realists like me are still going strong, since we never expected any better, but how much enthusiasm can conservatives expect to muster in support of nominal leaders like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney?  The political enthusiasm simply isn't there anymore.  It's not so much the right-wing blogosphere that is dying as the Republican one.
I was there ten years ago blogging under a different name over on Livejournal, before it was overtaken by its new Russian overlords. There were a few conservative blogs that were on my daily reading list: Powerline, Little Green Footballs (who has since done an epic face heel turn), Hugh Hewitt, and so on. I can't remember the last time I visited any of those websites. Under George W. Bush, a new generation of conservatives learned of the empty promises, spineless vacillating, and readiness to betray the ones that brung them to the dance that is the modern Republican Party. If amnesty happens this year, it will happen because the Republican Party is like a beta male orbiting around a hot Hispanic cutie, endlessly flattering her in the hopes of receiving some small scrap of attention. If reprinting press releases for the beta male party is what it takes to get big in the blogosphere, then I'm quite happy to remain in my infinitesimal niche as a Catholic reactionary.

Sean Hannity decided that he liked amnesty just fine after Mitt Romney inevitably lost the Hispanic vote last year. Pat Buchanan took him to school. Conservatives make a big deal about opposing liberalism even though they are liberals themselves. Good luck finding a mainstream Republican who is going to stand up for America's borders, language, and culture. Whenever they find it within themselves to oppose amnesty, it's always couched in terms of not wanting to reward lawbreakers. That's not wrong, but it's not enough.

It occurred to me that the way to make it big in American political commentary is to make bad analogies. You don't have to know anything about anything, just make analogies. "The Irish and the Italians assimilated so that means the Mexicans will too! We turned Germany and Japan into democracies, so that means we can turn Iraq and Afghanistan into democracies too!"

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