Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"I'm Pope Francis, yes I'm the real Francis, all you other Pope Francis's are just imitating"

Will the real Cardinal Bergoglio please stand up?

Why is there so much disinformation about Pope Francis' past as Cardinal Bergolgio? I ask this not coming from any perspective, but just from the view of a layman who is trying to figure out what sort of individual our new pope is. To this day people are still disputing the status of the Extraordinary Form in the federal city of Buenos Aires; conservatives insist Summorum Pontificum was implemented with zeal by Bergoglio while Rorate Caeli has brought forward very convincing evidence suggesting that it was not, which is still being denied by many in the mainstream Catholic blogosphere.

Then there was the rumor about Pope Francis refusing the mozzetta and telling Cardinal Marini, "You put it on; this carnival is over," followed by another rumor that that first rumor was unsubstantiated. There was the story about the Pope banishing Cardinal Law, followed by vehement statements by Fr. Tomas Rosica and Fr. Federico Lombardi that this story was completely made up.
"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied," said Chancellor Bismarck. Boniface is understandably confused. Catholics of good will want to know their Holy Father so that they may love him more and pray for his intentions. Some of this confusion may arise from his being such a relative unknown outside of Argentina. Pope Benedict XVI had served in the Vatican for almost the entire pontificate of Bl. John Paul II so he was more of a known quantity. Everyone who was paying attention knew what kind of man Joseph Ratzinger was, although he did surprise us a few times as pope.

Francis, on the other hand, doesn't have as long of a well known track record in Church circles. It makes sense that certain Catholics will try to turn Francis into a totem for their personal causes. I too find it frustrating.

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