Thursday, April 11, 2013

In another context, this is what we call a "reframe"

The latest controversy tearing up the Catholic interwebs goes something like this:

1. Traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli publishes an account from an Argentinian correspondent who reports that Pope Francis, as Cardinal Bergoglio, was unfriendly to the TLM.

2. Catholic blogger Dawn Eden reports that RC's Argentinian correspondent is a Holocaust denier.

3. Other bloggers begin rending their garments in fury,  posting multiple demands for Traditionalists everywhere to publicly and ritually purify themselves by writing long essays about how terrible, horrible, no-good-very-bad Anti-Semites are, to hurl anathemas from on high against our bigoted brethren, and to get down on our knees and praise God that we are not like other men.

The discussion was adroitly moved from the question of whether Cardinal Bergoglio was hostile to the TLM - either he was or he was not - to the character of the Traditionalist community. Okay, I'll bite. For the record, Holocaust denial is bad. And I too have indulged in the habit of plucking outrageous comments out of long threads and making blog posts about them. Eventually though, when I see the umpteenth blog post about "Just LOOK at what this combox warrior said! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!" my response becomes "Yeah, people say all kinds of things on the internet." I'm just one dude who self-identifies as a Trad. Sure there are nutjobs who self-identify as Traditionalist as well. There are plenty of ignorant pagans and hedonistic apostates who self-identify as mainstream Catholics too. You don't always get to choose who's in the foxhole with you.

Sinners as a whole were responsible for the Passion of Christ. The Jewish people as a whole are not uniquely responsible for the death of our Blessed Lord. Now that I've pissed off the "urine and vinegar" Trads as Mark Shea calls them, it's time to piss off the neo-Caths: Jews consciously and willfully reject the message of the Gospel. They do not acknowledge Christ as the savior. Judaism, as a religion, is non-salvific. If the Law saves, then Christ died in vain. It's possible for Jews to be saved, but if they are, it is through Christ and Christ alone. "Dual Covenant theology" is rank heresy. I emphatically reject in the strongest possible manner the USCCB's reluctance to evangelize the Jewish people which they have, thankfully, backtracked from.

If I've made everyone angry, then my work is done for the day.


  1. Beefy,
    I enjoy the blog, please keep writing. The main problem as I see it, is that if you consistently call people with legitimate concerns anti-Semitic nutballs, and marginalize them from the main body of society,eventually, they're going to hang out with Anti-Semitic nutters.
    As your most recent post shows quite clearly, there are some serious problems with the documents of V II. Modernity is itself deeply problematic from a salvific standpoint, and the Church's incoherence on this point cannot be overemphasized. Trads who pointed this out in the 70's were driven to the margins of the church and called all sorts of names. The ensuing disaster has vindicated all the concerns and points the Trads made 40 years ago.
    Nothing drives human beings into radicalism faster than being right, and marginalized for it.
    In both politics and within the church, Trad/reactionaries have been nearly proven entirely right.
    Democracy is suspect, omen's suffrage has been a disaster, the modern church is a latitudinarian mess, full of heretics and functional apostates, even amongst the clergy and religious.
    So we have a group of marginalized people who notice everything falling apart around them, that the truth about communism, feminism, race relations, immigration, etc. are being actively lied about by all the respectable members of the media. Noticing further, that the political media, movie studios, academy, opinion journalism, political classes and usurious financial industry all have a large proportion of Jews involved, and it become very easy to start believing in conspiracies.(NB: I don't actually believe the following, I'm saying it's how people come to holocaust denialism) After all, if the Jewish dominated Cathedral can murder 50 million babies and 100 million victims of communism and cover it up, why not exaggerate the deaths of a few million Jews that they use as justification for their current status?
    As everything, the Truth is what's best. If more Jews were willing to admit that they are tribal atheists, who hate Christians of all stripes, and that many religious Jews make lousy neighbors, for religious reasons, it would at least have the virtue of honest discussion.
    Noting that most Jews hold the corn-fed WASPs in the USMC and US Army in contempt, while utterly dependent on them for protection from violent hostile brown people, in NYC and in Israel, at least lets the WASP country boys know where they stand.
    However, since calling out a Bloomberg or a Friedman on their bad behavior gets you called an anti-Semitic fascist, honest discussion is impossible. Is it any wonder that some people have embraced holocaust denial in this environment?

    1. We're about to reach the point where the costs of keeping quiet are greater than the costs of speaking out.