Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Fandango. You have to let the A's breathe

I'm a wrassling fan from way back. I was in high school during the WWE Attitude Era. The PG era is terrible. It's not terrible because it's PG, it's terrible because the booking has been awful. How many times have we seen Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton this year? Spoiler alert: when next they wrestle, Orton wins. Too many of the superstars are drifting and it's clear that creative has no idea what to do with them. Once in a while they capture something special:

That is Johnny Curtis in his current gimmick of a ballroom dancer/wrestler named Fandango, pronounced Faaaaaaaaaan.... Daaaaaaaaaaan.... Goooooooooo. You may not recognize the man but it's possible you've heard his theme music, which has become a sensation after this week's Monday Night Raw.

It IS pretty catchy. Da da da, DA DA Duh DA DA duh duh duh duh duh duh DA DA...

But this is my favorite entrance theme:


  1. Any attraction for men to the sport of ballroom dance is positive in my opinion.