Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrasslin' Review: Monday Night Raw, 4/15/13

I think WWE might have done better making last night's episode of Raw consist of Mark Henry ruining Sheamus's day, yelling at people, and tearing the show apart with his bare hands for three hours. Holy Toledo that was bad. That was early 1990's bad. Every single champion not named John Cena lost a match. Dolph Ziggler may be the Heavyweight Champion now but he's still a jobber to the stars. Apparently his title win was only another way to push Alberto Del Rio. The Divas champion got a jobber entrance, but the announcers weren't paying much attention to that match anyway as they used it to talk about what else went on that night. CM Punk left and will probably return at Survivor Series as a face, hopefully to an epic pop. I can't blame him for leaving. I liked ADR better when his character was based on the stereotype of the Mexican drug lord. Fandango blew his own momentum. And the crowd... you disappoint me.

I like to think enduring that three hour slog shaved a few years of my time in Purgatory.

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