Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wrasslin' Review: Monday Night Raw, 4/22/13

This Raw was better than last week's. It could hardly fail to be, am I right? If nothing else it was special because we got to see the Undertaker wrestle for free for the first time in three years. I've heard him described as the man who is 48, looks 68, and performs like he's 28. Why did WWE put Taker on Raw? The Rock is injured, CM Punk is gone indefinitely, and John Cena... lzzolozozozolol. They're desperate for star power right now. I've got nothing against the Rock, but I strongly dislike these part time once a year appearances by megastars. Was there any doubt that Rock was going to drop the title to Cena at this year's WrestleMania?

I make jokes about Ryberg, but I like Ryback. They've turned him heel as you can see from the evil knit cap he wore for his promo. When he was a face, Ryback was known for inarticulate grunting and bellowing his catch phrase, "Feed me more." It's disconcerting to see how well spoken and articulate they're making him for his heel promos. Contrast the character George "The Animal" Steele (starts at 3:00 mark) with how he is in real life and you get the idea. Ryback the misunderstood steroid genius! The reason for Ryback's heel turn is that he's mad at John Cena for failing to come to his rescue every time he got jumped by the Shield, who are the best thing going in WWE today. Last night Cena did save Ryback. Which means Cena never came to his aid when they were friends, but he came to the rescue of the man who is now trying to take his title. Isn't Cena so buff and cool and pop and fresh? I'm sure it made more sense when Stephanie was talking it out with the other writers. Dean Ambrose was like, "Whatever, let's get some burgers."

AJ Lee has been attending the Dolph Ziggler School of Selling.

Another highlight of the night: William Regal made a rare appearance on the WWE's flagship show. And it's good to see WWE hasn't managed to kill Fandangoing yet.

Team Hell No and the Undertaker vs. the Shield was the best match of the night. I would have paid money just to see that instead of all of this year's WrestleMania. When the Shield actually competes in a match, it's like they each take turns so they can all shine. Last night was Seth Rollins's show, and damn, he made the best of it. How can WWE get the Shield so right and everyone else so wrong? Bad booking makes smarks of us all, but that match... I haven't marked out that much since the Attitude Era.

Dolph Ziggler actually won his match. There must have been a freak solar flare.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger AGAIN next week? WWE is turning into a Groundhog Day marathon. I hope we get to see Sheamus and Orton take on Big Show too!

Overall, a good two hour Raw. It would have been great if they had just made that Shield match go on for three hours.

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