Thursday, May 9, 2013

An economics class can change your life

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is a cliché, but like all clichés it became one because it contains a kernel of truth. Real life involves trade offs. Every choice you make has an opportunity cost. The time you spend at work is time you cannot spend fishing, or drinking, or smoking (if it is, I envy you.) More and more women are learning the hard way that they can't have it all:

There are now two million lone-parent families in the UK — they account for one in four of the nation’s families — and rising numbers of them are headed by educated, middle-class women.
Many of these, forced by the ticking of their biological clocks and their failure to find the right partner, have procreated by non-traditional methods such as sperm donation, egg donation and IVF.
Because typically these women are deferring motherhood until they are 35 when their fertility is in perilous decline, they are often having just one child. It is also financially very exacting to raise a child alone.
Passive language pervades this article. She failed to find the right partner. Mr. Right just never showed up. Or even better, it's men's fault for failing to meet their end of the bargain:

‘In your teens you envisage marriage and two children,’ she says. ‘Then my 20s were career-focused and I got to my 30s and hadn’t met a man good enough to be a father. They fell far short of my expectations.
It could be that you failed to meet their expectations Madame. Ladies: if you are going to college for any reason other than to find a husband, you are insane. Think about it from the man's point of view. Why should he choose a grouchy overweight thirty-something who focused on her career and spent her twenties riding the Alpha carousel, when there are plenty of younger, thinner, and more fertile girls ready and eager for marriage? You can damn me for being a sexist pig for saying such things, you can rage against men for their preferences which leave you out in the cold all you please, but that doesn't change the reality.

You cannot have it all. Simple biology should be enough to convince you: women's fertility dramatically declines starting in their thirties. If you choose your career over becoming a wife and mother, that's your business. Before you make that decision, be mindful that if you change your mind in your mid thirties or forties, it's probably going to be too late. The longer you defer, the less likely it will ever happen. If you're serious about motherhood, it would behoove you to spend less time in your twenties pursuing nebulous "career goals" and more time getting to know the men in your social circles.

What, there aren't any men who meet your expectations, your highness? Try this experiment for me. Train yourself to stop thinking "There aren't any good guys out there" and to start thinking "There are a lot of great guys out there." That all by itself will dramatically improve your chances of finding a good husband.

h/t: Oz Conservative

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