Thursday, May 30, 2013

More of Beefy Levinson's brushes with greatness

Fr. Derek Lappe of Our Lady, Star of the Sea parish on the Boy Scouts:

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady Star of the Sea,
Although I am not at all surprised, I am certainly disappointed in the recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America to change their membership policy. The incredible legacy of the Boy Scouts of America and the amount of good they have done for so many years, creates a particular sadness that they would compromise the good of their mission and the good of the boys they serve for the sake of political correctness.
The exact policy change is this: “to remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone.” That is to say that those young men aged 10 to 18 who identify themselves as “gay” or “homosexual” will not be excluded from scouting based on the fact of that self-identification.
I do not feel that it is possible for us to live out, and to teach, the authentic truth about human sexuality within the confines of the Boy Scout’s new policy and so I would like to give an explanation as to why it will be necessary for our parish to part ways with the New Boy Scouts.
My mother's side of the family lives in Washington state. Whenever I go to visit, Our Lady Star of the Sea in Bremerton is my go-to parish. Fr. Lappe is a good man and a great priest. The Mass is as beautiful as it can be in the Ordinary Form. His preaching is solid. He is an excellent confessor. Fr. Lappe is one of those priests that makes me want to be a better Catholic, and I can't say that about many priests in the western US. God bless him for staying strong, and I pray the Holy Spirit gives him the gift of perseverance.

Our parish cannot be involved with a group that has decided to ratify or approve the self-identification of a 10-18 year old boy as “gay” or “homosexual”. To me it is cruel, and abusive and absolutely contrary to the Gospel to in any way confirm a teenager in the confusion of same-sex attraction, which is what the New Boy Scout policy will do. 
 I am very aware that my objection to the change in the New Boy Scouts is increasingly considered bigoted and backward. I know that there are many good people within the Catholic Church who will disagree with me. I am aware that in many people’s minds “homosexual” identity is the new civil-rights issue and that there has been huge swing in public opinion on this issue over the past few years. But I won’t put public opinion ahead of the good of the boys and young men in my parish, and I won’t pretend that polls can trump the truths about sexuality and humanity that are revealed to us, first of all by natural law, and confirmed in Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church.
 May God grant us a thousand Fr. Lappes. He is speaking in truth and charity, and he knows that he'll be persecuted for it. He'll be persecuted by his own parishioners, and probably by the Archdiocesan chancery when they complain to it. Don't let them muzzle you Father. You are right: it is cruel to confirm these children in their sexual confusion. What the homosexual brownshirts fail to tell you is that even when they are "out and proud," the homosexual community still suffers disproportionately from disease, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. No, it's not the fault of us heteronormative, heterosexist black knights. That's the nature of the beast. And you wish to encourage children to become part of that? Some parents dread it more than others but nobody, if you press them about it, wants their child to grow up to be homosexual.

Never back down. Never compromise. Hold to what is true, good, and beautiful.

H/T: Thinking Housewife

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