Thursday, May 16, 2013

Noble lies and the Ubermensch

(title shamelessly stolen from Zippy Catholic)

Liberalism portrays itself as being committed to science, facts, rationality, and reason as opposed to the ignorant, superstitious, bigoted, irrational Right. So then why all of the hysteria surrounding the paper by Jason Richwine which shows that Hispanics have, on average, a lower IQ than native born American whites and argues that we should take this into account when determining an immigration policy? The question of whether Hispanics have a lower average IQ than whites is ultimately a question of fact. Either they do or they do not. Obviously there is room for discussion on how much this IQ difference should matter as a question of public policy, but to hound Richwine out of his job, tar him as a racist, and say that this is not a topic for civilized society? And we really think we're superior to our poor dumb Puritan ancestors who led witch hunts!

What's happening here is Richwine impugned a liberal dogma, that of Zero Group Differences. The orthodox formulation of ZGD goes something like this:

Experiment Y:  Take a largish group—say five thousand—of people at random from any fairly compact, but not too compact, populated region—fifty to a hundred miles across, say—anywhere in the world.  Now take a second group of the same size from some other similar region elsewhere.  Run both groups through batteries of mental and personality tests. 
There can only be one result:

Experiment Y will, under all circumstances, with all possible combinations of groups, deliver identical statistical profiles on all metrics, with only statistically insignificant variations.
Atheists caricature the theological virtue of faith as being the acceptance of something based on no evidence whatsoever. That is not what the theological virtue of faith is, but it's a pretty good description of the strength of ZGD. How is it that ZGD has persevered for so long despite having no empirical evidence in its favor and tons of evidence against it?

Liberals, being in rebellion against the laws of nature and nature's God, know only atoms and the void. The noble lie of ZGD was created in part as a reaction to the ignoble lie of materialistic reductionism. Liberals are devoted to equality above all else. However, if ZGD is false and Human Biodiversity is true then that means there will be inescapable inequalities in the economic outcome of different ethnic groups. If philosophical materialism is a given, then equality reduces us all to utilitarian calculations. To the liberal, making these inequalities go away is imperative because to be unequal in the socio-political-economic realm - the only realm that matters - is to be less than human. Everyone implicitly understands that if atoms and the void are all that exist, then ZGD is the only thing standing between the advanced liberal superman and the Nazi.

Traditional Catholic teaching holds that human beings are equal in the sense that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and that he will judge us all according to his standard, not to the standards of the world. Deontologically, we all belong to God and as such each individual human being qua human being has intrinsic value and moral worth. This is why it's silly to ask a parent which one of their children they love the most, or to make utilitarian calculations about body counts when discussing historical questions such as nuking Hiroshima as opposed to a ground invasion of Japan at the end of WWII. This is why abortion is considered such a great evil: it is the willful destruction of the most helpless human beings of all.

Liberalism is aimed at the creation of the free and equal new man, liberated from nature, tradition, God, and all unwilled constraints. Standing in the way of the liberal superman is the oppressor untermensch who seeks to keep the superman bound in chains. If the purpose of the State is to ensure equal freedom and equal rights for all then existentially there must always be oppressors to be overcome. The State must be ever vigilant and be granted ever greater powers to ensure non-judgmental equal freedom for all. Anyone who opposes the march of liberalism must be converted or vanquished. Kermit Gosnell's clinic was filled with the eviscerated remains of children who stood in the way of the mother's freedom and autonomy. The sick and the elderly who can no longer choose or will anything for themselves are euthanized because they have become less than human. Men like Richwine and those who question liberal dogma are the worst of all for we have freely chosen to reject the liberal vision of absolute freedom and equality for all. We are heretics who must be destroyed.

H/T: What's Wrong with the World

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