Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St. Joseph the Worker and single mothers

Dalrock found this from some dude named Mark Driscoll:

Single guys: don’t overlook the single moms. Jesus’ mom was a single mom & it went pretty well for Joseph.
Mark Driscoll is a Protestant pastor of some sort. In various corners of the manosphere I've seen his name written of in the same manner one might write the seven dirty words. If this is representative of contemporary American Evangelicalism, then you see why I converted. Dalrock has done yeoman's work calling out modern Christians for their tendency to put women on pedestals. If a woman is a single mother it is always either the man's fault or nobody's fault. They speak of the loser father or about dad just not being in the picture for some mysterious reason. No one, other than sexist black knights like me, ever thinks to call out the single mothers on their own poor decisions. I can hear the naysayers now: "HOW DARE YOU?!?! My friend Susie HAD to get a divorce or her piece of shit ex was going to kill her!!!" The modern mind has enormous difficulty grasping the concept of "on average." It won't make you popular but the better course would be to tell these young baby mamas to stop having sex outside of wedlock (if you want to be popular, what the hell are you doing putting yourself forward as a Christian pastor anyway?)

It's downright blasphemous to compare the Blessed Virgin Mary to a single mother. Saying yes to God's plan of salvation is a different thing than getting your freak on in the bathroom at a house party. St. Joseph was lawfully wed to the BVM. He raised our Blessed Lord and taught him about manhood and the dignity of work. The King of the Universe, in his humility, submitted to the headship of Joseph within the Holy Family (contrary to some popular theologians, Jesus Christ always knew who he was and why he had come into the world.) Tradition holds that St. Joseph died some time before Jesus began his public ministry. That is the big reason why he is, among other things, the patron of a happy death: St. Joseph was comforted by both Mary and Jesus in the flesh at the moment of his death.

Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 specifically as a counter to communist May Day celebrations. St. Joseph is also the patron of the universal Church. He is an eminent role model for husbands and fathers everywhere.


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