Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The long hot summer of diversity

Everyone is, of course, more worried about the English Defense League than the vibrant young killers:

War memorial vandalised, mosque firebombed and ugly clashes on the street: Tensions rise after slaughter of British soldier

  • Help for Heroes rejects money raised for it by English Defence League
  • Said it did not want the charity to be used for 'political purposes'
  • Thugs sprayed the word 'Islam' across two war memorials
  • Bomber Command Memorial and Animals In War Memorial vandalised
  • Mosque fire-bombed in wake of Lee Rigby's execution in Woolwich
  • 1,000 EDL chant, sing and march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street
The country that gave us George Orwell now sends people to prison for Facebook status updates or Tweets judged to be offensive or racist. Ironically, the more the British government tightens its grip on speech, the more violence we will see. If speech is not an option, then action must be taken. Likewise in Sweden:

* In less than a single decade, the foreign-born share of the Swedish population has risen from under 10% to over 15%.
* Unemployment among immigrants exceeds 16%; among native Swedes, it is only 6%.
* Despite a heavily redistributionist tax system and a generous welfare state, the wealth gap between natives and immigrants is wide and apparently widening.
* Sweden's asylum seekers come almost entirely from very poor Muslim-majority countries, notably Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria.
* Sweden has a center-right government with a strong libertarian flavor. Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt, whose office since 2006 has enthusiastically welcomed the asylum influx during his administration: "We are more open than other countries. Long term, as a society, we win on this. It will lead to more people getting jobs. It will contribute to a more exciting and open society.” 
 I suppose nightly riots and car burning is a kind of excitement. But is it really necessary for Western countries to take in the competing sides of every on-going conflict around the world? I'm too young to remember a time when Western governments actually looked out for the interests of their own majority populations. I can understand the temptation to sit poolside and enjoy the decline and fall of civilization.

H/T: Vox and Sullivan

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