Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Lord will vomit the lukewarm out of his mouth

Pope Francis on lukewarm Christians:

“When the Church loses courage, the Church enters into a ‘lukewarm’ atmosphere. The lukewarm, lukewarm Christians, without courage … That hurts the Church so much, because this tepid atmosphere draws you inside, and problems arise among us; we no longer have the horizon, or courage to pray towards heaven, or the courage to proclaim the Gospel. We are lukewarm … We have the courage to get involved in our small things in our jealousies, our envy, our careerism, in selfishly going forward … In all these things, but this is not good for the Church: the Church must be courageous! We all have to be courageous in prayer, in challenging Jesus!”
Pope Francis on cafeteria Catholics:

The Pontiff asked this question: “How’s our faith?  Is it strong? Or is it sometimes a bit superficial? (all’acqua di rose – “like rose water”, meaning banal, an insufficient substitute, shallow, inadequate)” When difficulties come, “are we courageous like Peter or a little lukewarm?” Peter – he pointed out– didn’t stay silent about the Faith, he din’t descend to compromises, because “the Faith isn’t negotiable.” “There has been, throughout history of the people, this temptation: to chop a piece off the Faith”, the temptation to be a bit “like everyone else does”, the temptation “not to be so very rigid”. “But when we start to cut down the Faith, to negotiate Faith, a little like selling it to the highest bidder”, he stressed, “we take the path of apostasy, of disloyalty to the Lord.”
Pope Francis emphasized that in its history the Church has had many martyrs, down to this day, “because to find martyrs it isn’t necessary to go down to the catacombs or to the Colosseum: martyrs are alive now, in many countries.” “Christians”, Pope Francis stated, “are persecuted for the Faith. In some countries they can’t wear a cross: if they do so they are punished. Today, in the 21st century, our Church is a Church of martyrs.” 
 The Screwtape Letters remains one of my favorite of C.S. Lewis's books. It consists of a series of letters written by the demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, instructing him in the finer points of tempting human beings into committing sin. I don't have the exact quote handy, but in one letter Screwtape says that demons have a lot of fun when they can get us to be deeply immersed in one sin while simultaneously urging us to be on guard against the opposite sin. "The trick," he said, "is to get the humans running around with fire extinguishers when the ship is already halfway underwater."

Catholics are steeped in relativism, liberalism, modernism, indifferentism, and syncretism every day. And what is it we're constantly warned against? Rigidity. Dogmatism. Fanaticism. Divisiveness. The greatest sin is to speak of sin. The only judgment we may make is against the judgmental. Michael Voris is jesting but the world and many within the Church want him to broadcast the Boretex:

The desire to be like everyone else is going to be the doom of the Catholic Church in the United States. Our Blessed Lord did not command us to be like everyone else. He commanded us to love God, love our neighbor for the love of God, and to go out baptizing all nations. The world abandons the accumulated moral capital of Christianity and accuses us of being obsessed with sex, when it is the world which demands that we give our blessing to whatever perversion she is currently fetishizing. Tolerance is not enough. YOU MUST APPROVE. The internet already gives us plenty of opportunities to formally cooperate with evil. Only those who stay close to our Blessed Lord will persevere to the end. Only those who take the faith seriously, receive the sacraments regularly, and pray every day stand a chance of withstanding the temptations of Uncle Screwtape and his underlings.

Negotiating away those parts of the faith that the world finds offensive set us on the road to apostasy. Our Blessed Lord said that he came not to bring peace but a sword. He told us from the start that we would be set against members of our own household. Lean on him. Trust in him. Because he also told us what he would do to those who are lukewarm.

Pope Francis quotes courtesy Father Z.

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