Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Richwine left a bitter aftertaste

The burning at the stake of Jason Richwine is the most depressing thing I've seen in what passes for American political discourse in many years. Richwine was a Harvard trained scholar at the Heritage Foundation who committed an enormous gaffe - a gaffe in the Washingtonian sense of saying out loud what everyone knows to be true. He wrote a paper concerning the latest amnesty bill in Congress which pointed out that Hispanics generally have a lower IQ than whites. All of the respectable media voices immediately cried out for the heretic to be burned. To his credit, Andrew Sullivan came to Richwine's defense, as did Mr. Bell Curve himself Charles Murray.

Liberalism is about the equal satisfaction of the equal desires of the free and equal superman who has been liberated from the shackles of unchosen constraints such as race, IQ, gender, or nationality. In practice, this is impossible as these things cannot be made to go away. To ensure that they don't matter requires an ever larger and more intrusive State to ensure that we remain perfectly equal in every way.

The Dark Enlightenment was born from the realization that everyone in public life is a liberal of either the right or left variety. Not once in this whole brouhaha has anyone, in their high moral dudgeon, deigned to demonstrate flaws in Richwine's data or analysis. They haven't because they can't. On average, the IQ of blacks is about one standard deviation below the average IQ of whites. Hispanics generally score somewhere between blacks and whites. If these statements were the designs of evil white racists, it's baffling why east Asians would score similar to whites with Jews sitting at the top. Putting your fingers in your ears and chanting "Pseudo-science, shoddy work, raciss" over and over again will not change reality. Facts are stubborn things, as some racist imperialist old white man once said. Race is not a social construct pal.

For the Catholic faith, the reality of IQ differences based partly on genetics is something to take in stride. St. Peter is not going to give us an IQ test at the pearly gates. Truth cannot contradict truth, so Christians needn't sweat it too much about the day when enough people notice that the multicultural emperor is naked and the world accepts human biodiversity. For the liberal religion however, widespread acceptance of HBD would be a catastrophic blow. It would have enormous implications for every level of social policy. For one, phony-baloney plastic-banana good-time-rock-and-roll policies like No Child Left Behind would have to be jettisoned. I imagine it would be an enormous relief for public school teachers to know that they don't need to worry about closing the Gap anymore because the Gap cannot be closed.

The Cathedral would probably survive somehow because liberalism is based on an impulse as old as creation: the desire to rebel against God and nature. The devil was the first liberal.

H/T: Steve Sailer

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