Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wilson lied and people died!

One perennial topic for debate among us reactionaries is what year or what event made it all go wrong. Mainstream Republicans generally say Lyndon Johnson's Great Society is what started us on the road to ruin with a brief and glorious respite under Ronald Reagan. Old school conservatives often say the New Deal is what permanently crippled the notion of limited government in the US. Southern agrarians blame the defeat of the Confederacy, libertarians the adoption of the Constitution over the Articles of Confederation, and so on. Personally, I say the decline and fall of Western civilization all started with William of Ockham.

More and more reactionaries are recognizing the destructive influence of World War I, not just on politics but everything from art to literature to architecture to philosophy. There is no reason on God's earth why the US should have gotten involved in WWI. What would have happened if we had stayed out? The European Union is providing a good example of what the Continent would look like had the Deutsches Reich triumphed: the EU is pretty much the new German empire.

The Lusitania was sunk on this day in 1915. I don't have any other profound insights to share on WWI at the moment but I do have some good old timey music:

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