Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday Night Raw 6/17/13: That's my manager!

After a brief hiatus due to disgust with the product, Beefy Levinson's wrasslin' reviews are back. I'm sorry to see Dolph Ziggler return to full time jobber status, but making Alberto Del Rio heel again was smart. I never cared about him when he was a face. In truth, Ricardo Rodriguez is the one who got over with ADR simply along for the ride. A rich anti-American Mexican aristocrat seems like ADR's natural role and he does it well. I don't know how WWE will work the feud between Ziggler and ADR. Ziggler is still ostensibly a heel although he's become a fan favorite. It would be awkward for him to turn babyface while still in a kayfabe relationship with AJ Lee who is currently a heel. Wow... I haven't felt this way in some months. I'm actually interested in seeing where the storylines are going to go next.

Christian returned and squashed Wade Barrett, the poor bastard. The segment between AJ and Stephanie McMahon was inadvertently hilarious. Either AJ is a dwarf or Stephanie is an Amazon. Or both. They have, amazingly, made the Divas division somewhat interesting again.

I am most pleased indeed that Antonio Cesaro is now paired with Zeb Colter. I suppose this means Jack Swagger will not be returning. Cole called out Colter as a hypocrite. Now I personally think there ought to be a moratorium on all immigration period, but I don't think Colter's character ever went that far. He opened his segment with a reference to the current NSA scandals, about how the government is lying to us and spying on us. Colter said he's always stood against those who sneak across the border but that Cesaro did it the right way. Let's hope they get more airtime. Make it happen WWE.

Mark Henry was right: I can't ever forget his pink jacket.

The main event was good but the ending foretold great things to come. Brock Lesnar laid out CM Punk with an F5. All is not well with the Heyman guys.

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