Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stop me if you've heard this one

Fr. George Rutler on liturgical narcissism:
 The constant fidgeting for “theme liturgies” and experimentation is a sign of failure. Worse yet is the priest who solicits laughter like a ham actor in a dying vaudeville show. Such clerics should limit their repertoire to the jokes that St. John told the Blessed Mother as her Son bled on the Cross. One is struck by the way Pope Francis, in his personal simplicity and affability, is so enrapt in the solemnity of the Mass that he would not think of smiling through the Sacrifice of Calvary.
All men must submit to the rule of Christ the King. I have no problem with bending the knee to clerics who disappear into their vocation, because by listening to them I am listening to Christ. It is supremely difficult to grit my teeth and take instruction from effeminate priests who turn their parishes into a cult of personality and dash hither and thither like an old schoolmarm, hectoring us into singing stale 60s folk music and participating in their happy-clappy hippie BS.

H/T: Phil Blosser

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