Thursday, June 27, 2013

They're all fricasseeing rabbits

L'affaire Vox has been immensely entertaining. The gamma rabbit imbroglio made me literally laugh out loud on several occasions, and that doesn't happen often when I'm online. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from all of this. Gammas are terrified of confrontation. Disagreements are most disagreeable. Dissent from the equalitarian line must be punished. Punishment takes the form of banishment from the warren. It's painful to watch sometimes. The kulak shrieks over and over again that he believes, he really really believes, in Zero Group Differences, in Gender is a Social Construct, in Structural Racism, in the Evilness of White Privilege, and how men like Vox are Not Okay.

Dear God that irritates me. I'm certain that everyone who is active in the blogosphere has encountered that phrase. Clucking schoolmarms of both sexes wag their fingers and tell us naughty children that something we said is "not okay." If I disagree with someone I say, "That's interesting. Could you explain your reasoning?" If I'm feeling particularly combative I might say, "Bullshit" instead. Telling someone that their words are "not okay" is a way of disagreeing without really disagreeing. It's a transparent attempt at shaming the offending party into silence.

Vox has taken the correct stance against attempted gamma shaming. You double down. You say "Bring it on." You never, ever, ever back down. I may be overly optimistic in the face of the decline and fall of Western Civilization but I still believe that truth will out. You can suppress it through social custom or through force for a while, but truth always wins in the long run. It's possible to be mistaken on the facts of course. It's possible that your reasoning might be faulty. In those cases you should accept correction. But if your opponents have no answer to your position, if their response to your arguments is to banish you into the outer darkness, then stand your ground until the bitter end. Advanced internet warriors can attempt to play and beat them at their own game. Call them out for having offended you. Demand that they apologize. Nine times out of ten they will drop the argument and back off. In the mind of the gamma rabbit, to apologize is to concede. It is to admit defeat.

Part of being an alpha, or a real man, or however you want to describe it is a willingness to stick to your principles in the face of adversity. If you're a Christian, then you know that Jesus Christ told us that he who perseveres to the end will be saved. So go ahead. Pull the trigger. Stand up for traditional principles. They're going to call you mean names anyway. What else can they do, banish you from the Cathedral, the Hive Mind, the Warren? Oh please don't throw me in that briar patch.

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