Thursday, June 13, 2013

They're the gay caballeros

It's no big secret that the priesthood has a disproportionate share of homosexuals. The astonishing news that's swept the Catholic blogosphere over the last few days is that Pope Francis actually confirmed the existence of the lavender mafia. Dare we hope that he'll do something about it? As much as the Holy Father's liturgical formation makes me want to rend my garments in fury, so far I've enjoyed his preaching and teaching. I'm amazed that a man who speaks in clear declarative sentences ever got ordained a bishop, let alone became pope.

Predictably, this story has caused many non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics to comment on the Church's stance on priestly celibacy. It's a back handed compliment when you think about it. Heathens never spill this much ink on the Anglicans, Baptists, and Presbyterians, but everyone is always ready to comment on the internal workings of the Catholic Church. Everyone implicitly understands that when it comes to the institutional face of Christianity on earth, the Catholic Church is the only game in town. The argument goes that the Church's discipline of celibacy for the secular clergy attracts a disproportionate number of homosexuals to the priesthood. No one will ask them uncomfortable questions about why they've never had a girlfriend. Therefore, drop the requirement for celibacy and millions of married alpha males will replenish the ranks of the priesthood leading the Church into a glorious new golden age where we've all manned up and are kicking ass and taking names for Christ. Right?

Not really. When Pope Benedict XVI was still Cardinal Ratzinger, he said that times of crisis in the priesthood are always times of crisis in marriage as well. The Christian manosphere has ably demonstrated the modern crisis of marriage so we need not dwell on it too much here. Likewise, many of the arguments about why the priesthood is not an attractive option for healthy heterosexual men have always been with us. Today's crisis, however, is unique in the annals of Church history. It's the worst crisis she's endured since the Arian heresy, if not the worst of all time. It's true that there is no bloody persecution of the Church in the West - yet - but the blood of martyrs is the seed of the faith. Today's crisis is one of faith. Like Peter, many within the Church are denying Christ. We are doubting the Church's divine character.

The law of prayer is the law of faith, and the law of faith is the law of living. If your moral life is compromised, you will eventually lose your faith. The disproportionate share of active homosexuals in the priesthood is undermining the faith and prayer of the Church. Effeminate priests turn men off to the idea of the priesthood. Eventually men believe that Church is just a social club for old people, women and children. The Holy Father needs our prayers so that he can begin taking steps to root out the lavender mafia.

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