Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday Night Smackdown, 7/5/13: The rocking chair is more over than you

That was an excellent Smackdown which washed out the bad aftertaste of this week's episode of Raw. I was actually amused at AJ trying to get the hell out of dodge before Kaitlyn got ahold of her. AJ just blew past the Bellas who randomly showed up to talk trash with her. I wish WWE wouldn't put so much of the character development skits on the app as opposed to TV. For example, on the app there was a brief segment with Dolph Ziggler and AJ where Dolph tells her to quit screwing around with Kaitlyn since she's already champion. And once Dolph gets the Heavyweight Championship back, they can be champions together. I thought it was great in that it showed that Ziggler is still pretty much the same character he was a few months ago with the only difference being that the crowd is behind him now.

Good match between CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. Paul Heyman was on commentary, and ADR attacked him near the end of the match. The look on Punk's face was awesome.

I read one of Jim Cornette's commentaries the other day. He said that wrestling having predetermined outcomes is way down on the list of reasons why MMA has been kicking wrestling's ass lately. When we watch athletic contests such as these, we think "These guys are gonna fight. Who's going to win?" We the viewers have no idea who is going to win (unless it's a John Cena match.) The wrestlers job is to put on an exciting performance. It's suspension of disbelief that makes the magic happen. The best superstars are the ones who can consistently tell a compelling story. Shawn Michaels used to be known as a broomstick guy: he was such a great worker in the ring that he could put on a good match with a broomstick. There are some guys on today's roster who are like that. The weaknesses in WWE's product these days mostly come from bad booking and terrible writing. I'm willing to bet money that John Cena will retain his title at Money in the Bank. Super Cena will overcome the odds, he'll kick out of multiple finishers, and the kids and the girls will scream in adoration for their hero.

I would pay really good money to see Stone Cold Steve Austin return to WWE for one night only. Cena would be cutting a promo chock full of bathroom humor when we heard the familiar breaking glass. Stone Cold gets into the ring and stares Cena down for a bit. Then a kick in the gut, Stone Cold Stunner, chugging a few Steveweisers, and pouring the rest onto Cena's head. Have a good night kids!

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