Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday Night Raw, 7/1/13: To Catch an Apex Predator

WWE has been decent for the last few weeks. They had me worried for a second, but now they've returned to their normal mediocre product. Last night's Raw was bad but not so bad that it was fun to mock. It was just a dull three hour slog. Ricardo Rodriguez got suspended for a Wellness Policy violation so now Alberto Del Rio is flying solo. He's about to find out the hard way that it was Ricky who got over and not himself. It's a shame because ADR is a talented wrestler with a lot of experience in both Lucha Libre and MMA. His problem is that he's not a compelling character in the ring.

The Divas feud has degenerated into "You're a slut/you're fat." Heel Vince, in a continuation of art imitating life, continues to bury Daniel Bryan. I think Ryback's match was his unofficial resignation from the WWE.

This week in WWE is exciting not because of what went on in the ring, but because of behind the scenes goings on. I've heard rumors on the internets that Sting may be coming to the WWE. Let me tell you PG era kids something: when I was your age, Undertaker vs. Sting was the great wrestling "What if?" that my no-goodnik friends and I argued about. I'm not so sure about it now. Don't get me wrong: Taker's got at least one good match left in him for WrestleMania 30. Sting still has some left in the tank. But Sting's prime was fifteen years ago. Is he still pretending to be the Joker or the Crow? I'd mark out and maybe even pay money to see Taker-Sting, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Plus I'd hate to see Sting get the treatment non-Vince guys usually get. He was pushed as the top face of WCW for most of his career. If he signs on with WWE now, I'm worried that he'll be jobbing to Justin Gabriel on Main Event twice a month.

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