Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skyrim paladin build, plus how to have more fun

The traffic for this blog has increased exponentially over the last month. Is it because of my trenchant analyses of the problems besetting the Catholic Church in America? Or perhaps my devastating, unanswerable critiques of philosophical liberalism? No, it's my Skyrim guides and WWE reviews. What my public wants, my public shall have. And that's the bottom line cuz Beefy Levinson said so. FUS RO DAH, mes enfants.

Today we're going to look at the paladin build. This build appeals to me as I am a reactionary religious extremist in real life. Here's my perk plan for a paladin. Normally I don't like hybrid builds because they require you to spread yourself pretty thin over many different skills. A good rule of thumb is to focus on four skill trees and dabble in one or two others. This hybrid build works well though because of Restoration's Respite perk. Respite heals your stamina in addition to your health which means unlimited power attacks so long as your magicka holds out (sure, you could just eat veggie soup, but this is more fun and immersive.) You can switch between your shield and a healing spell which will make you an invincible tank in combat. D&D paladins typically used maces. Personally I prefer swords. Imperials make good paladins since they start with all of the right skill bonuses, although as always you can play any race you want. For ranged I prefer Archery, but if you want a more magic focused paladin you could do Destruction instead. I like the idea of using holy fire to destroy zombies.

The paladin is a holy warrior, carrying the light of the divines into Skyrim's darkest corners and purging the land of the undead menace. You want to use the Turn Undead spells when delving into Nordic crypts. Dawnbreaker should be your favorite weapon so do that quest as soon as possible. You can switch between a shield or a ward depending on which foes you are facing. I like the idea of wards in principle but Bethesda hosed up the practice. There is one thing they do very well though: wards will allow you to laugh at dragon breath since those are considered magic.

To get into Skyrim and have more fun, think up a backstory for your character. Play him according to his personality. For example, my mage was an alcoholic who stole every bottle of booze in sight. My paladin's parents were killed by vampires so he swore at an early age that he would exterminate the undead wherever and whenever he found them. That is until he met the beautiful (and essential) Serana...

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