Thursday, August 15, 2013

Envy is a sin

I confess to indulging in the sin of envy toward Vox Day as the SFWA has finally pulled the trigger. He can now wear as a badge of honor his being the first SFWA member to be expelled from the organization since Stanislaw Lem in 1976. For the rabbit people, being shunned by the warren is akin to being banished into the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. Notice that the official SFWA announcement of this action does not mention Vox by name, nor does it state the actual reason. Similarly, John Scalzi is coyly refusing to call out his nemesis by name. One wonders if he put on one of his dresses to celebrate.

The problem with Science Fiction, Fantasy, journalism, and may other kinds of professional writing these days is that they no longer seek truth but rather to police the culture. If you stray outside the narrow bounds of secular liberalism, you will be ostracized by the warren. They see it as their mission in life to punish dissent which often includes pressuring employers to rid themselves of those who don't toe the party line. Hence we see the moral cowardice which afflicts almost every major institution in the West (sometimes, to our shame, the Catholic Church as well.)

And this is also the reason why the internet is the enemy of the warren or the Cathedral or whatever you call it. SFWA is a dinosaur. It was founded to advance the interests of labor, in this case the writers. These days, as l'affaire Vox has proven beyond a reasonable doubt (perhaps what he intended all along), SFWA has revealed itself as another branch of the Junior Volunteer Thought Police for lumbering feminist shoggoths and scalzied gamma males. The internet has made it possible for budding young writers such as myself to bypass the gatekeepers entirely. Whether or not I'm ever eligible for membership in SFWA, why would I want to join them when every day I write something that could get me expelled because I sent their rabbity sensibilities into a tizzy?

I'll tell you why: because I too would wear an expulsion from that organization as a badge of honor. If nothing else, one should always keep this in mind when dealing with rabbits: never, ever, ever back down. If anything, you should profess to be deeply offended and demand that they apologize to you. They will back down first. In their minds, to apologize is to concede.

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