Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you want me to stop pointing out what's evil about your candidates, then get better candidates

The bafflingly popular Chris Christie holds forth:
Following California’s lead, New Jersey has enacted a ban on reparative therapy for youths with same-sex attractions. After signing the bill, the office of Gov. Chris Christie, a Catholic, issued a statement emphasizing that the governor disagrees with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. The statement quoted a 2011 interview in which Christie said:
Well my religion says it’s a sin. I mean I think, but for me, I’ve always believed that people are born with the predisposition to be homosexual. And so I think if someone is born that way it’s very difficult to say then that’s a sin. But I understand that my Church says that, but for me personally I don’t look at someone who is homosexual as a sinner.
“His action on this bill is consistent with his belief that people are born gay and homosexuality is not a sin,” the statement added.
Christie is popular among conservative activists because he's unafraid to tell reporters to get stuffed. That's an admirable quality to be sure, but Christie is otherwise a cookie cutter left-liberal Republican. He's making a common error on this subject. Strictly speaking, the official teaching of the Church is that it is not homosexuality itself which is sinful but the act of sodomy. Liberals tend to believe that this is a distinction without a difference. They think a lifetime of chaste celibacy is a fate worse than death, so telling homosexuals that they must not act on their desires is necessarily injuring their humanity. Conservatives, in their eagerness to be on good terms with the world, tend to gloss over the fact that while homosexuality may not be sinful per se it is still objectively disordered. Blindness is not a sin and a blind man is no less a man than a seeing one, but nonetheless the blind man's eyes are not working the way they are supposed to be working.

A libertarian leaning non-Catholic friend of mine and I once had a long discussion on this subject. He felt that the Church was being unfair in its teachings about sexual morality. His argument went something like this:

1. The Church teaches that all extramarital sex is sinful.
2. St. Paul taught that it is better to marry than to burn.
3. Therefore, homosexuals should be free to marry as an outlet for their sexuality or else God is being unfair.

A homosexual man is as free to marry a woman as a heterosexual man is, but that's not what he meant of course. This does appear to be a double standard, but so what? I think equality is poppycock. It's simply not true that every double standard is an injustice deserving of foot stomping outrage. The Church's teachings on sexual morality manifestly require more of men than women because men have a stronger sex drive than women. Wives have to obey their husbands. Men have to control their more powerful sex drives. We're not equal. Life isn't fair. Deal with it.

Equality sounds all nice and cool and pop and fresh when we're talking about it on the interwebs. It's not a coincidence that as it's worked itself out politically over the last few decades that more and more mutilated corpses are getting disposed of by the truckload.

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