Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mystery priest found

Mystery Priest Who Showed Up at a Crash Scene Then Vanished Has Been Identified — and Here’s the Unlikely Way He Came Forward

Godless heathens often taunt Christians for thanking God instead of thanking human beings. You know, a cancer patient will receive life-saving medical treatment and he thanks God for it. The heathens say, "It wasn't God who saved you! It was the doctors and modern technology!" This is a narrow view of God's divine providence and his interventions in the natural order.

A miracle is a suspension of the normal laws of reality. We consider it miraculous because things don't normally work that way. Consider Jesus curing the sick, healing the blind, banishing demons, and raising the dead. That doesn't mean those are the only ways God works. God wrote the laws which govern reality but he also gave us free will. We can choose to do good or not. The priest was there but he could have chosen to do nothing.

So why is it that things are providentially arranged in some cases and others it appears not? Trick question. Everything is providentially arranged though we may not always recognize it. I don't deny that the Problem of Evil is compelling as an emotional argument. Anyone who can't relate to it emotionally is the odd man out at cocktail parties. But if it weren't for an extraordinarily unlikely series of events, some of which hinged upon the existence of evil in the world, I would not exist. To assert the problem of evil is to assert that God could not possibly love you enough to tolerate the existence of evil in this world. It is to consign yourself to nonexistence.

The Problem of Evil is arational emotion masquerading as reason. The Incarnation and the Passion make it infinitely so.

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