Thursday, September 12, 2013

Striking a blow against the Cathedral, one drone at a time

Roosh devises tactics to blunt one of the Cathedral's weapons:
Their attack depends on four factors:
  • A low-paid, liberal staff writer who wants to destroy a man’s livelihood either for laughs or to please her boss massa
  • A victim who had an impure thought that could be construed as “racist” or “misogynist”
  • Informal coordination between different blogs to juice a particular story for page views
  • Creating enough anger in readers so they act upon the perceived outrage
Their system is quite effective at reaching the desired end, but like all systems, there is a weakness. Can you spot it?

How They Can Be Beaten

The weakness lies in the original writer of the hit piece. Once the story goes viral, she is often forgotten, but it’s her where the counterattack can be successfully executed. There really is no point engaging the bot army because their numbers are more than 10,000 times ours. Any attempt to fight them on Twitter will result in defeat, especially when you consider that they have tons of soldiers with over 50,000 followers (I have less than 6,000).
There is also no point in attacking companies like Gawker, who earn millions of dollars a year and can withstand any criticism we throw at them. But the blogger making $30,000 a year, trying to eke out a living in New York City, with hopes of climbing up the career ladder once it’s clear she’s not talented enough to be a real writer, is very vulnerable to being even slightly attacked. Anything that damages her future employment chances will cause her grief, pain, and a decrease in income.
Twitter is a medium that is short and fleeting. Unless we can raise a huge rage army at short notice, which we can’t, there is little point using this medium to fight back. But there is a medium which lasts forever, and where numbers don’t matter as much. That medium is Google.
I have been successfully destroyed on Google. My name is linked to all sorts of negative material that ensures I will never get a corporate job again in my life. That’s fine with me since I make my living via other means, but that’s not fine for blog writers who still need to depend on corporate America. Little Susie is writing for Jezebel today, but she will have to change jobs at some point, meaning a Human Resources airhead will search for her name to make sure she is a proper fit for the company. What would be HR’s reaction if they google their promising applicant and find this?
 Heck, I write at least one blog entry per week that by all rights should get me blacklisted from ever working in the corporate world again (plus it's not like anyone has to work hard to learn my real name.) At some point, we, as a culture, decided that men should lose their livelihoods over the things they say outside of the office. There's really no such thing as a private life anymore. Did one of your friends post pictures of your rowdy weekend shenanigans on Facebook? Expect a pink slip to be waiting for you on Monday morning.

I'm no longer a seminarian, in part, because a priest I trusted betrayed my confidence by sharing a letter I had written to him with third parties. That's on me, to be sure, for putting my opinions in writing in the first place. Rather than slink away in silence however, I decided to double down and become even more vocal and more persistent. As I said to Roosh and and his readers, never, ever, ever back down when the Junior Volunteer Thought Police try to shame you into silence.

I don't mean you shouldn't ever change your mind if the situation warrants it, such as new facts coming to light or your argument being reduced to tatters. I mean that every time someone says, "You're a racist, sexist, homophobic, heteronormative, misogynistic, cis-gendered bigot!" you should answer with "What are you going to do hippie? Cry?" Or even better, inform them that you are deeply offended by their harsh language and demand that they apologize. That usually makes them back off. In their minds, to apologize is to concede defeat. This is why every four years we witness the pathetic spectacle of Republican candidates trying to prove a negative. "I'm not racist! I promise that my first appointment will be a one-armed black lesbian!"

Of course it's easy for me and Roosh to say stuff like that. It is damned near impossible for a writer to kill his career unless he willfully chooses to stop writing.

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