Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dad's in stable condition. I visited him along with mom yesterday. My parents have been divorced for twenty years, but mom dotes on him as if they had never separated. He's perfectly lucid but physically weak after everything that's happened. One of his doctors came in and told us the full story. Dad is in his 70's and has had a heart attack before. A lifetime of alcohol use has contributed to his condition. Essentially all we can do now is make his final days comfortable. They give him a few months at the most.

Dad is not a young man and he's lived a full life. Intellectually we know that our parents have to go sometime but it's an emotional shock nonetheless. Life goes on all around me and I still have my own duties to perform, but everything has an air of unreality about it. I feel detached from my surroundings. My mind is elsewhere. Dad would want me to carry on, and I will. But it's frustrating when you can't do anything for your loved ones.

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