Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Schadenfreude is not a Christian sentiment

However, I'd be lying if I denied feeling some while reading this:
Sulpician Fr. James McKearney has been forced to resign as rector and president of St. Patrick Seminary and University in Menlo Park, Calif., a surprise event some call an appropriate change in leadership and others decry as "brutal" and "confusing."

McKearney's sudden removal by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone stunned students and faculty and the Sulpician himself.
"It just came out of the blue for reasons that are still not clear to myself or my provincial," McKearney told NCR.
...From Baltimore on Friday, McKearney said he remained "at a bit of a loss."
"I am not at all satisfied with the reasons I was given," he said, noting that the archbishop "in general said he had lost confidence in me to lead and administer the seminary. He thanked me for my fidelity and service to the archdiocese, but felt the seminary was in crisis" around enrollment issues "and that it would be best to replace me immediately." 
We share something in common then sir. I was not at all satisfied with the reasons given for my dismissal either.
McKearney also downplayed negative impacts of more structured weekends now required of St. Patrick seminarians. Evaluation of seminarians' free time had begun under Cordileone's predecessor, Niederauer, and had been encouraged in a 2008 letter from the Congregation for Education following an extensive Vatican visitation of U.S. seminaries.
St Patrick seminarians now attend required extracurricular conferences or seminars on all but one Saturday per month. On Sundays, they are required to return to campus for 5 p.m. community Mass, even if they have attended Mass elsewhere.
Now that is a change for the better. When I was there from 2008 to 2010, the men were free to do as they pleased on the weekends, no questions asked, so long as they were back in time for Compline at 8:30 pm. Some men abused that freedom.

I'm convinced that Cordileone got San Francisco largely to clean up the seminary. St. Patrick's serves as the house of formation for all of Northern California, the Pacific Rim, and many other western states. At least it used to. The chief reason why I was dismissed is because I was a little too open about my opinions on its condition back then with someone I mistakenly thought I could trust. I always was a stubborn man since I'm pretty much doing the same thing now. But 1) I'm just a lay slob now, and 2) I couldn't go back even if I wanted to. In my old age, I've lost what little patience I once had for politically correct "Spirit of Vatican II" hippie bullshit.

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