Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My heart will go on

Some Protestant named Tony Jones wants a schism:
The time has come for a schism regarding the issue of women in the church. Those of us who know that women should be accorded full participation in every aspect of church life need to visibly and forcefully separate ourselves from those who do not. Their subjugation of women is anti-Christian, and it should be tolerated no longer.
That means:
  • If you attend a church that does not let women preach or hold positions of ecclesial authority, you need to leave that church.
  • If you work for a ministry that does not affirm women in ecclesial leadership, you need to leave that ministry.
  • If you write for a publishing house that also prints books by “complementarians,” you need to take your books to another publishing house.
  • If you speak at conferences, you need to withdraw from all events that do not affirm women as speakers, teachers, and leaders.
That is, we who believe in the full equality of women need to break fellowship with those who do not. The time for dialogue and debate has passed. The Spirit has spoken, and we have listened. It’s time to move forward with full force.
I don't believe that all men are created equal, let alone men and women. My heart breaks with sorrow but I remain confident that the Catholic Church will find some way, some how to press forward. This is the first time I've ever heard "complementarian" used as a pejorative. I'm not a complementarian because the pope says so but because it squares with observable reality. Affirming what we can see with our own eyes is rapidly becoming a revolutionary act. Men are not women. Women are not men. Men and women are not the same. Men are better at some things and women are better at some things. No amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth about gender roles is going to change that.

h/t: Rod Dreher

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