Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Paranoid Style in American Social Engineering

Dear God that's embarrassing:
This is a stupendously awesome commercial from a toy company called GoldieBlox, which has developed a set of interactive books and games to “disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.” The CEO, Debbie Sterling, studied engineering at Stanford, where she was dismayed by the lack of women in her program. (For a long look at the Gordian knot that is women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields, check out this New York Times article from October.) As the GoldieBlox website attests, only 11 percent of the world’s engineers are female. Sterling wants to light girls’ inventive spark early, supplementing the usual diet of glittery princess products with construction toys “from a female perspective.”
Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. President Kennedy was killed by a communist nut acting alone. Facts are boring though. According to Oliver Stone, Kennedy was killed by the entire Military Industrial Complex acting in concert with a coterie of French Quarter homosexuals led by Joe Pesci with a toupee. According to the Cathedral, Kennedy was killed by "extremism" and hate. And everybody who's anybody knows that only the Right is extremist and hateful. That's why the New York Times can publish stories about how the city of Dallas killed JFK, but not how Buffalo, NY killed McKinley, or Washington, DC killed Lincoln and Garfield. As an aside, I think Rollo Tomassi has a better name for the media machine than Mencius Moldbug's Cathedral: the [Borg] Cube. It better captures their relentless push to consume our souls and stamp out our biological and technological distinctiveness, don't you think?

The modern American mind sees everything as a problem to be solved. If only 11% of all engineering jobs are held by women, then it must be because of cultural programming, oppressive gender conditioning, shaming strong independent women, pushing boys at the expense of girls, and the sum total of centuries worth of evil patriarchal misogyny. It's gauche to take Ockham's Razor to this issue and say, "Hey, maybe most girls just aren't interested in engineering." Bastard! You would say that, you, you... SEXISS! You're afraid of strong women, aren't you?!

I know a lot of people who work in public education, either as teachers or administrators. Pretty much every major fad in the education industry is aimed at closing the Achievement Gap. The Gap is the singular obsession of education bureaucrats. Every conceivable explanation has been proposed to explain away the Gap, most of them putting the blame on something white people did a long time ago, or something so deeply ingrained and insidious that white people aren't even conscious that they're doing it. There's much talk of legacies, and privilege, and invisible knapsacks, and difficulty settings. The one explanation that never occurs to anyone besides awful, awful men like Steve Sailer is, "Hey, maybe some students are just smarter than others." You would say that, you, you... RACISS!

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