Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jenny Erikson is the gift that keeps on giving

For the last few weeks Dalrock has been documenting the Eat, Pray, Love journey of one Jenny Erikson. Mrs. Erikson is an astonishing woman - she is publicly following the manosphere diagnosis of modern women almost to a tee. The narrative goes something like this:
  1. Getting her feminist merit badge while:
  2. Having sex with the most attractive men who are willing to have sex with her.  After a decade or so of this, she:
  3. Marries a nice reliable man who provides the financial support and social status of wife and perhaps mother.  Once she has gotten out of this what she wants, she:
  4. Discovers that she is unhaaapy, and was somehow “trapped in marriage!”  Many women prefer to savor this step for some period of time, perhaps even for many years.  There is power and drama here and the next step contains risk.
  5. Is forced to divorce the bad man who made her unhaaapy by doing everything she demanded he do.
  6. Basks in the drama of a newly divorced woman, wronged by her ex husband and the society which forced her to marry the wrong man.
  7. Has sex with the most attractive men who are (still) willing to have sex with her.  Since this misguided attempt at reliving the glory of her twenties is generally an immense disappointment, she then wants to quickly move on to:
  8. Finds her secret multimilionaire hunky handyman who insists that she marry him, thus returning her to the higher social status of wife.
Right now Mrs. Erikson is somewhere between stages five and six. The crucial point here is that nothing is ever the woman's fault. She was trapped in a bad marriage by a man she didn't love and a society that cares not for her spiritual and emotional welfare. So what men may see as a frivolous divorce is, in the eyes of the modern woman, actually a courageous act of self-affirmation. This narrative has been followed by millions of American women for the last thirty or forty years. What makes Mrs. Erikson such a fascinating case is that hers is an almost perfect acting out of the drama in public. Having divorced the father of her children for cash and prizes, Mrs. Erikson is now reduced to the lowest form of mommyblogging, the professional divorcee.

Now we learn that Mrs. Erikson was an alpha widow all along:
I was given lessons at church camp about how once I had sex, I’d be a “chewed up piece of gum.” In another youth group lesson, we were all given a piece of tape. Some of us would stick ours on the back of other people’s hands, and some wouldn’t. The more people we stuck, the less sticky the tape got. Only the “pure” tape people stuck together in the end -- the lesson being that if you had sex before marriage, surely your union would fall apart, as you had used up all your “glue” on other people.
That was crap.
All of it. And you know what? A lot of that thinking actually led to a hell of a lot of pressure to get married before I was ready. In case you’ve been paying attention, I’m now getting divorcedafter almost eleven years of trying to make it work.
Remember, nothing is ever her fault. It's the fault of those mean Christians who raised her to believe that extramarital sex is wrong. They're the ones who made her blow up her family.
Ok, let’s work back a few years to my first very serious boyfriend. I was 17. I was in head-over-heels, infatuated teenager love this dude. I wanted to marry him someday. I’d had boyfriends before, but this was the first one I had ever really loved.
After almost a year of dating, we did the deed. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, we used protection, because I was an idiot in love, not an idiot about pregnancy or STDs. 
...Fast-forward a few months after the terrible breakup, and I started spending some time with a guy acquaintance. I even tried to hook him up with some of my girl friends! He was a bit awkward, but confessed to me that he wanted a wife. At his request, I taught him how to talk to girls, took him shopping for new clothes, and before I knew it, he was my closest confidante.
Her beta orbiter eventually became her husband.
Everything could have turned out fine. It often does. But because this whole sex-shaming culture I’d been part of caused me to overlook an awful lot of red flags -- because a whole lot can be forgiven if you’re just so freaking grateful that you’ve found a man willing to forgive you of the grievous sin of not being a virgin.
It's all her husband's fault for not being as alpha as her earlier badboy lover, and it's "purity culture's" fault for making her overlook red flags. Based on her other descriptions of her ex-husband, amazingly named Leif Erikson, he sounded like a genuinely nice caring guy. I feel bad for him but I feel worst of all for their children who have to live with their selfish mother who blew up their family and deprived them of a father all because he didn't give her tingles anymore.


  1. Scripted narrative designed do what "Fireproof" (movie) did a crappy job of accomplishing. It's what happens when you hire supposed 'christians' - you pitiful quality and no matter how much money you throw at it, the results will be less effected. Jenny, and Matt Walsh have chosen to sell their souls literally, and they are the faces the public sees in the delivery of this FAKE narrative. The scriptwriters are good though, they've hired some of the best since they can't screw this up. Yes, I know what I am talking about. Rest assured, it IS fake, but the work they are doing is affecting the masses, and a lot damage is already occurring, and that's the intention of the ones doing this magic spell.

  2. Great post and blog! Jenny Erikson is such a great target for the manosphere!