Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Never, ever back down

The thing you must understand about the life of a white person in the 21st century is that it is a never ending struggle to publicly demonstrate that they are cleverer and more tolerant than other white people; it's about distancing themselves from the wrong kind of white people. It's becoming clear that Duck Dynasty was originally intended to be Honey Booboo Part II: Electric Boogaloo. Our cultural overlords thought it would provide yet another opportunity for snarky urban white people to point, laugh, and say "Look at those poor stupid rednecks! We're so much smarter, freer, more open minded, and just plain better than they are."

But then a funny thing happened: the Robertsons turned out to be smart, successful, happy, and fundamentally decent people. The patriarch Phil, for example, is college educated and declined an opportunity to play for the NFL. I know many people are growing tired of this controversy, but I still find it interesting as a case study in the enormous cultural gap between our supposed betters on the coasts and the unwashed masses of flyover country. If nothing else, this episode has demonstrated the gross ignorance most Americans have of Scripture, even self-professed Christians. Robertson said nothing that wasn't believed by all Christians everywhere until about the 1960s. If you have a problem with what he said, then ultimately your problem is with St. Paul and with the God who inspired Paul to take quill to parchment. I expect that nonbelievers would have a problem, but Christians? If Roman-style bloody persecution of Christians ever makes a comeback in my lifetime, I'll wager dollars to pesos that many of the men with guns will be baptized Christians.

Phil, God bless him, is so far refusing to back down or retract his remarks. Good on him. A&E needs his family much more than his family needs them. Never, ever, ever back down when the Cathedral has you in its sights.

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