Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Skyrim Witch Hunter build: the most absurdly overpowered of all

It's been a while since I've done one of the Skyrim builds which really bring in the revenue. And I figure lots of you boys and girls are getting the Legendary Edition for Christmas. So allow me to present the most stupidly OP build it is possible to build: the Witch Hunter.

Drop perks into Archery and Conjuration. That's it. Everything else is up to you.

Let me explain for the nerds who like numbers. Inside Fort Amol prison, just inside the borders of Eastmarch, there is a Bound Bow spell tome hidden inside of a bucket on your left. The vanilla Bound Bow has the same base damage as an unsmithed Daedric Bow. If you take the Mystic Binding perk in the Conjuration tree, then the Bound Bow deals as much damage as a Daedric Bow smithed up to Flawless. You can jog over to Fort Amol as soon as you stumble out of Helgen. Pump your first few level up stats into magicka until you're able to cast the spell. Conjuration levels quickly; the old "soul trap a corpse" trick still works. Using a bound sword in combat will also level it up so you can take the perk that halves magicka for adept level spells if you want. Because the Bound Bow deals so much damage, Archery will also level up quickly.

Now pretty much every possible build will be overpowered if you take it up to level fifty. But the Witch Hunter build is notable for how early it becomes OP. Go and lay waste to everything you survey.


  1. Thank you so much!!! Any tips on adding alteration?

    1. You've got enough perks with this build that you can do pretty much anything you want after maxing out Archery and Conjuration. Cast your flesh spell with your left hand before combat begins, then use your right hand to cast your Bound Bow.

    2. Thank you, that helps... Should I worry about enchants?

    3. You don't need them but they're always nice to have. Alteration and Conjuration magic reduction are good. So is extra health regen. Since you'll be using mostly conjured weapons, you don't need to worry about weapon enchants.