Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't hate the player, hate the Game

The Christian blogosphere continues to argue back and forth about the merits of Game.

If women are becoming less feminine, men are becoming less masculine. Economics is largely a pseudo-science but it has provided some keen insights into human nature. Women are less feminine and men are less masculine because we are incentivizing them to be that way.

Most of the arguments stem from an inability to define Game. It used to mean the skillset of pick up artists, but now it's being conflated with general self-improvement. Our advanced liberal regime strongly disapproves of masculine leadership. Men and women both crave and need masculine leadership. If they aren't finding any in the traditional spheres of family, church, and country then it's to be expected that they'll take it where they can find it: the manosphere, PUAs, and the like. Zippy compares them to lost children with daddy issues. It's not entirely off base; Jesus himself pitied those who were like sheep without a shepherd. Men who were born pre-1970 simply have no clue what it's like for men born post-1970. Men born after 1970 are much more likely to come from broken homes and at best have been fed conflicting advice, at worst liberal propaganda, from birth. The Red Pill is an apt metaphor to describe how mentally jarring it is for young men when they realize that liberalism is false and inhuman. Critics of Game tend to be natural alphas, like Zippy or Cane Caldo. The most zealous promoters of Game are all converts.

I've always been less interested in the manosphere for learning how to pick up bar skanks than for the general self-improvement advice (I know, how dare I take such vile poison into myself, blah blah blah. Thank you school marms of both sexes.) Truth cannot contradict truth, and I'm not the sort to discount a true insight just because it might come from a source that is ritually impure.

Manosphere commenter Earl (please get a blog) stole my thunder so I'll let him have the last word:
As addressed earlier, the reason why Christians are going to game sites is because they TELL them a system. It may not always work and I do believe it is a placebo but it stresses doing something and points out the dark nature of females which has been well covered up by the other side. The advice on which women to avoid alone is worth the reads. Consider all the “man up and marry the slut” shaming from Christian leaders…those aren’t prudent woman. Now I have a good filter to know what a prudent wife is should the Lord give me that gift.
I was not given anything explicitly from my father, the church, society, etc…other than “be yourself and be good”. Everything was more or less implied…but that is tough to get when you have so many different areas of propaganda being thrown at you and most are to ruin your masculinity. How are we supposed to know that when nobody explicitly points that out in the churches? Do most men outside the sphere realize how much they are being emasculated daily? Do most men know what they are doing that shows active emasculation? I doubt it because I see it all the time in the area I live. The only ones that haven’t are like fish in water…they’ve always been that way and never consider that others are outside that water.
And I say you can separate the good from the bad given that you are asking God for wisdom…fornicating is sinning, getting your butt off the couch and working out is good. Passive aggressive tricks with women is bad…going up, overcoming your fear, having outcome independence and talking to a woman you are interested in is good. Game causes a man to be effeminate through doing, and many other place tell men to be effeminate by being.
To sum up…pray and ask God for the tools you need in your particular situation (because He knows more than you or anybody else will)…then stop being afraid, get off your butt, and use those tools to the best of your abilities. I can give my list of what I do as ideas…but it will not be your list. The common theme of the lists is that it better produce.

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