Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting it good and hard

Sometimes people express frustration with my suggestion that the only real solution to problems in society and the Catholic Church is personal conversion. I feel their pain. But if we're angry with the government or the hierarchy, we need to remember that Scripture says that God gives us the leadership we deserve:
It is a principle of Sacred Scripture that people get the leaders they deserve, in spheres both political and spiritual. The rulers that people end up with usually reflect in themselves both the virtues and the vices of the age they live in. In the book of the prophet Hosea, God laments how Israel has gone astray in setting up rulers apart from those whom God has sanctioned:

"They have set up kings, but not by me; they have made princes, but without my knowledge" (Hos. 8:4).

What a terrible thought for the omniscient God to say a prince has been set up without His knowledge, as when our Lord says to the unrighteous, "I never knew you." This is an indication that these kings and princes are self-seeking and wicked; but then again, so was Israel. Only two verses earlier, God says,

"They have broken my covenant and transgressed my law...Israel has spurned the good; the enemy shall pursue him" (Hos. 8:1,3).
The signs of the times indicate that God is angry with us, as he should be. Fortunately for us, God will not despise a humble and contrite heart. Repent, confess, and do penance. Pray, fast, and sacrifice.


  1. but is hard tho

    buffy why u do this

    buffy pls


  2. Allow me to pour out my heart in disgusting self-pity.

    I also read my way into the Church. I even grew up militantly atheist, that is, a complete idiot. So when I actually began studying as I proposed I had all the time, everything fell apart. Long story short, it's funny to look back and see how almost every argument that bought me a step closer to the Church was in some way wrong, missunderstood by me, and all of my ideas of the Church that attracted me to her has been or is being slowly crushed. Even the last crumbles of it, yet here I am. Barely.

    With all of these things happening, I feel my aleady weak faith getting picked at more and more. It takes so much effort for one such as I, having been a complete slave to the world, to not crawl back into my warm den and put on the comforting chains. The mental torture is the worst, thinking, each day that passes, that maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'll realise that I've been wrong this whole time in twenty years, and then I will have wasted everything! Yes, it's all meaningless but I will have wasted absolutely everything, not even having partaken in the smallest of sinful joys except for when it came with the greatest pangs of conscience.

    The world tells me I'm deluded and stupid, and when I turn to the Church for comfort, all I get is punches to the face and gut. Apparently, 99.9% of the people sitting around me in Church simply pick and choose what to believe. Why shouldn't I do the same? Why should I, the weakest of them all, have to suffer this horribly? I mean, so what if I get a girlfriend and we have sex... That'd probably make me a very happy person and thus a better person and that's all that matters, isn't it? I could snap my fingers and indulge in fornication with an abundance of women, but I don't. Why? It's starting to get less and less clear.

    I don't think I love God anymore, at least not in the sense I did when I conveted. It's not that I'm saying that I won't serve, but I am wondering where is my master? I am forced to be my own master, and that is a dangerous thing. Worse still is second mental torture, the greatest, that every day of this insecurity, every day of this weakness, I am only standing still. I am not moving toward God, I am not indulging in sin - at least not great sin. I am still. I am not moving. I am lukewarm. Not only God spits me out, but the world spits me out also.

    I am tired, horribly tired, and I so deeply wish I could just go to sleep.

    1. I know it's hard. Trust me brother, you've pretty much described exactly how I felt for a long time. The institutional Church's goose is cooked. It's pretty much dead in Europe, and our leadership in the United States seems bound and determined to follow its lead.

      But God abides. It'd be wonderful if we had strong leadership and serious, disciplined communities who guide us along the path of holiness. But God, for whatever reason, has decided to take those away from us. They still exist in isolated pockets here and there, but as far as human help goes, we're largely on our own now. But if God is with us, who can be against us?

      The Apostles abandoned Jesus when he needed them the most. It's hard, and I don't claim to have never abandoned our Lord either, but in the end each of us is judged individually. Don't let the laxity of others make you lax.