Tuesday, March 25, 2014

His glass house is polished to a mirror sheen

Rod Dreher posts this letter from an Orthodox nun to an anonymous convert:
Dear “John”,
I understand that you are on the way to becoming Orthodox. I know nothing about you, beyond the fact that you are English.
Before we go any further, there is one point I should make clear. I have not been told why you are about to convert, but I assure you there is no point whatsoever if it is for negative reasons. You will find as much “wrong” (if not more) in Orthodoxy as in the Anglican or Roman Churches.
So – the first point is, are you prepared to face lies, hypocrisy, evil and all the rest, just as much in Orthodoxy as in any other religion or denomination?
Are you expecting a kind of earthly paradise with plenty of incense and the right kind of music?
Do you expect to go straight to heaven if you cross yourself slowly, pompously and in the correct form from the right side?
The letter itself contains nothing objectionable, but it's a bit rich that Dreher would post it considering his apostasy from the Catholic Church due to his emotional reaction to the Scandal. Years later, he still writes about the Church frequently, generally to remind us how awful it is and that he's really not coming back. Dreher has said that he's trying to keep the scandals of the Orthodox Church at arms length. He satisfies his appetite for drama by focusing on his former communion. Sometimes I get the impression that Dreher is still trying to convince himself that he made the right decision; his stated difficulties with papal infallibility were clearly an ex-post facto rationalization.

I've made no secret of my disgust with many corners of the Church of Nice as Michael Voris calls it, but in the end the only question that really matters is, "Is the Catholic faith true or not?" If it is true, then no amount of scandal, hypocrisy, or evil committed by Catholics can make the faith untrue. Granted, it can make it subjectively more difficult for us to persevere, but to whom else would we go?

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