Friday, March 28, 2014

I viciously mock you because I care

Has female attention whoring reached its peak?
The level of this goes far, far beyond the attention whoring seen on girls nights out.  As if Tinder, OKCupid,and every white knight at the bar weren’t contributing enough to the over-inflated egos of American females, now we have legitimate businesses piling a group of girls together on a bus, and whisking them away to Vegas so they can bask in the spotlight of men drooling all over them.
Yet, these are supposed to be the best memories of a young woman’s life.  A house has been replaced by lavish hotels.  A husband has been replaced by a thirsty dude begging for permission to buy them a drink.  Saturday morning cartoons with the kids have been replaced by Saturdays lying in bed, dealing with splitting headaches and hazy memories of the poisons and cocks consumed the night before.
When the game is rigged from the start, the only way to win is to not play in the first place. The SlutBus will wind its drunken way through Las Vegas on a tight schedule to entice young thirsty dudes to spend hundreds of dollars on wooing these sluts and paying for overpriced drinks. But if these girls are getting free drinks anyway, why should they pay attention to these poor schlubs?

Return of Kings has a lot of morally unacceptable content, but I still read it because I'm interested by watching these guys blindly grope their way to the truth. Fornication is a mortal sin and not an option for any serious Christian. I expect that Godless heathens will ignore a tradcon like me, but eventually they'll learn the truth the hard way. I'm not so hard on them as I am on the feminists who enable them. Cads and sluts ye shall always have with you. If they have an easier time plying their trades these days, whose fault is that, really?


  1. Um, looking at pictures like the one in this post can also be a mortal sin. Just FYI.

  2. What is the truth that they will learn the hard way?

    1. Devoting your life to the pursuit of women, money, and power will ultimately leave you unfulfilled. Even Roissy occasionally lets on how easy and thus how boring it is for him to bed SWPL chicks.