Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larry Correia is great

I read his entire Monster Hunter series in about a month. I'm a simple man with simple literary tastes: give me stories of badass dudes settling their problems with violence. Correia is a gun nut in real life, and the protagonist Owen Pitt's automatic shotgun named Abomination gets more loving and detailed descriptions than some of the human characters. I highly recommend his novels. His personal blog also makes for some pretty fun reading:
I know authors aren’t supposed to respond to reviews. That is supposed to lower us or something. Us artistic types are supposed to be all sorts of aloof, but this is so freaking stupid that I’ve got to comment on it. Here is my reply.
Damn this pisses me off. Where the hell does anybody named fucking Bork get off calling my readers chumps?
Holy shit. Are you kidding me? You left a 2 star review on a book you did not read so that you could get all preachy about the supposed costs of publication. Shut up, you cheap ass bastard.
lzolozozozlolozzolol. Here's a good rule of thumb for Amazon reviews:

Five stars: I didn't read the book but the author's personal opinions coincide with mine.
Four stars: Great
Three stars: Okay
Two stars: Crap
One star: I didn't read the book, but the author's personal opinions offend me.

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