Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reactionaries, red pills, and revolutions

To the extent that we're noticed at all, the existence of that loose congregation of bloggers that fall under the "Dark Enlightenment" umbrella causes angst for our liberal overlords. I write the most about Catholicism, but mine is technically a kitchen sink blog where I write about what interests me. If I had to self-identify, I'd probably describe myself as being in the Orthosphere. I'm glad that more and more men are consciously rejecting liberalism, i.e. taking the Red Pill.

The manosphere is tough on us liberal arts majors. If I had to do it all over again, I suppose I'd have majored in something more practical. I didn't go into debt to earn my degree so I'm much better off than a lot of these poor kids who are working at Starbucks and trying to pay off their mortgage levels of student debt. If we're going to return society to some semblance of sanity, something our great-grandfathers might recognize as being Western Civilization, it's going to take more than earning STEM degrees though. First and foremost we have to change ourselves. I suggest converting to Catholicism if you aren't already baptized and confirmed, not because of what Catholicism can do for us, but because we have a religious duty to worship the one true God in his one true Church.

It's well and good to write lofty philosophical treatises on the internet, but some men need to be involved in the liberal arts and creative fields as well. Michael Anissimov suggests these fields to get started. Personally, I'm working on my first novel in my spare time. As I said in my last entry, my reading tastes are simple and thus my stories are simple: badass dudes who settle their problems with violence. I'd like to take a poll of my four loyal readers. Which is the most badass: settling disputes with guns, knives, or fists?

Seriously though, I don't want to write a didactic novel where everyone and their mother can see that there's a Writer on Board. I want to tell a good story that keeps me in beer money.


  1. Which is the most badass: settling disputes with guns, knives, or fists?

    Why not all three? Life is short....

  2. Fists

  3. Knives, definitely. No element of random luck shots as in a gunfight, and deadly serious in a way that fists aren't. That said, any truly bad ass hero will be good with missile weapons, melee weapons and his fists. I'd much rather read an action packed kung fu chop socky action fest than some boring message fiction about how I need to be less racist, sexist, and eurocentric.