Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Remember, O man, that thou art dust

Fr. Peter Carota suggests twelve things you can do for a Traditional Catholic Lent. I've noticed that even godless heathens have gotten into the act of giving something up for Lent. Most of the time it's something like chocolate, or soda, or social media, or smoking, or some other activity we like. All twelve of the things Father suggests involve giving up one of our most valuable commodities: time.

Give up an hour of your time every day to spend with Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Give up half an hour of your time to go to daily Mass. Give up fifteen minutes every day to read Scripture or pray the Rosary or read the lives and writings of the saints. The reason why we fast and abstain today is to discipline our bodies and strengthen our spirits. If we can say no to that which is not evil, then it will be easier to say no to that which is.

May all of my Catholic brothers and sisters have a blessed "Hey You've Got Something On Your Forehead" Day.

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