Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sooner or later God's gonna cut you down

1 See where the Lord of hosts, our Master, takes away from Jerusalem and from Judah all that was valiant and strong, all the support they had against famine and thirst! 2 Gone the hero and the warrior, judge and prophet, diviner and senator, 3 captain of the watch, and nobleman, and counselor, and skillful workman, and master of charms. 4 Only boys will be left to rule, and wantonness shall govern all; 5 the citizens coming to blows, neighbor falling out with neighbor; for age and rank there shall be no reverence. 6 Here is one catching hold of his own brother, his own house-mate, What (says he) hast thou a coat to thy back? Be our chieftain, then; take these ruins into thy keeping. 7 And the other answers, Who, I? Nay, I have no doctor’s skill. As for my house, there is neither bread nor coat in it; ruler thou shalt never make of me. 8 Jerusalem in ruins, Judah lying prostrate! Whispering and scheming of theirs defied the Lord, challenged his divine scrutiny. 9 Their hang-dog looks betray them; they publish their guilt abroad, like the men of Sodom, making no secret of it. Ill-fated souls, retribution has come upon them. 10 For the just, courage! His reward is earned; 11 but woe betide the sinner! He shall be repaid for his ill deeds. 12 My people has been despoiled by the tyrants that rule it; women have gained power over it; those who call thee happy, my people, are deceiving thee, are luring thee into false paths. 13 Even now the Lord stands ready to hold his assize, waits there to pass judgment on all nations. 14 The Lord will enter into a reckoning with the senators and the rulers of his people: You have made spoil of the vineyard, your houses are full of the plunder you have taken from the oppressed; 15 what means it, that you ride roughshod over my people, that you spurn the right of friendless folk? Such warning he gives you, the Lord God of hosts. - Isaiah 3:1-15, Douay-Rheims

Scripture and Tradition are both pretty clear that God will forgive us the eternal consequences of our sins, but the temporal consequences will still be with us. God forgave Adam and Eve for disobeying him, but man must still earn his bread by the sweat of his brow and woman must still endure the pains of childbirth. God forgave Moses his lack of faith, but Moses died before reaching the promised land. Under the new dispensation, we must give God satisfaction through penance. It's unfortunate that for most of us, the priest just assigns us a few Pater Nosters or Aves (and so few people go to confession anymore that you'd think they'd have a lot of spare time to think up better penances, heh.) If we do not make satisfaction in this life then we'll do it in the next life in Purgatory.

Barack Obama's policies are vicious and wicked, but he is the man America elected, twice. Cardinal Walter Kasper is running interference for Satan by suggesting that public adulterers could be admitted to communion, but most dioceses in the West, particularly America, are running annulment mills at a brisk pace. God is giving us what we asked for, and we're getting it good and hard.

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  1. That title reminds me how much I love me some good old apocalyptic Johnny Cash.