Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Many Traditionalists are upset with Michael Voris for his stated refusal to publicly criticize Pope Francis:

Mr. Voris is free to take whatever editorial position he pleases with his own company. I don't have a problem with his stance. I myself don't often criticize Pope Francis in public or private for that matter. It's not because I haven't found some of his statements difficult or confusing, because I have. But I'm trying to wean myself off of the papolatry that is so prominent in many right-wing circles. It's neither necessary nor healthy to one's spiritual life to hang on the pope's every word. He's the Vicar of Christ but he's still human. We're not going to be judged on what the pope did or failed to do. We're going to be judged on whether we loved God and neighbor, and kept the commandments.

Of course this is not to say that a liberal pontiff (and I think it's pretty obvious by now that Francis is a good deal more liberal than Benedict or John Paul) doesn't create some practical difficulties. If I had a nickel for every heathen, Protestant, or fallen away Catholic I know who has interpreted the pope's "Who am I to judge?" comment as a license to go nuts, I could buy myself a two liter bottle of Coke. I imagine the proclivities of Popes Benedict IX, John XXII, and Alexander VI also caused some difficulties for Catholics who were trying their best to live the faith (or maybe not. It must have been nice to not have the internet to follow every hiccup from Rome.)

I do take issue with some of Voris's reasoning in that video though. He says that St. Paul and St. Catherine of Siena could criticize popes because they were saints. I guarantee that Paul and Catherine never, ever thought of themselves as saints or as particularly holy. Pope Francis himself thinks that line of reasoning is nonsense on stilts, as demonstrated by his conversations with some of his critics like the late, great Mario Palmaro. If you want us to shut up then just say shut up.


  1. While some Traditionalists may have a problem with Voris not criticizing the Holy Father for some very troubling statements he has made since he became the Bishop of Rome, the bigger issue is why he would take completely gratuitous swipes at certain Traditionalist Catholics by name, who have reluctantly, but in my opion, respectfully and charitably criticized the Holy Father in regards to how some of his statements seem to contradict infalliable Magisterial Tradition. Specifically, individuals such as John Vennari, Michael Matt, and Louie Verrechio, have been singled out and labeled as divisive and engaging in what Voris terms pseudo pornographic activities in their criticisms...which is odd coming from a guy who has built his CMTV Vortex identity on slamming bishops everywhere...except the Bishop of Rome, whom all the other bishops are emulating (see Cardinal Dolan's recent "who am I to judge moment" on Face the Nation recently when asked about the sodomite University of Missouri football star). Voris has also slandered the SSPX as "soft sedevacantists" which is complete crap. It's one thing not to engage in criticism of the Holy Father which is certainly Voris' legitimate perogative and something that no Traditionalist should have a problem with him for exercising...it's another to bust out those by name who do, by implying that they do it out of something other than a charitiable defense of Catholic truth.

    For the past 3 years I have been a paying subscrition member of CMTV, but cancelled it about 3 weeks ago because of this.

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