Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kayfabe is dead brother!

The WWE is strangely selective about which of their guys stay in character and when. Two weeks ago on Raw Triple H had Daniel Bryan handcuffed and beat him like a government mule. Now they're standing on the same stage at the WrestleMania XXX press conference with nary an altercation or cross word. I can actually hear Jim Cornette dropping f-bombs from wherever he may be.

Brock Lesnar laid out the Undertaker last night on Raw which is a pretty good sign that the streak will continue, especially in light of the mediocre build this feud received. Other than Paul Heyman's promos, it hasn't really felt like a feud at all. I'm still hype though. Let's do thIIIS! I believe John Cena will be the one to end the streak. Who else is there now? It'd be Superman vs. Solomon Grundy.

For all the criticism he gets from the IWC, Triple H is a masterful heel. The burial montage they aired last night was the best comedy segment WWE has done in years, possibly ever. I'm confident Daniel Bryan is winning the title this Sunday, but a part of me wants to live in that world where WMXXX ends with Triple H standing tall with both straps on his shoulders. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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