Thursday, May 29, 2014

A chalice of tiger blood

Pope Francis on the upcoming Synod on the family:
I thank you for your question on the divorced. The [October 2014] Synod will be on the family, its problems, about the richness of family, the current situation of the family. The preliminary presentation that cardinal Kasper made had five chapters. Four on the beautiful things of the family from a theological perspective, family problems, the pastoral problem of separations, matrimonial nullity, divorced and the problem of communion... It did not please me that so many people, including in the Church, priests, etc, spoke of communion for the divorced as if it were all reduced to casuistry. We know that there is a crisis of the family. Young people do not want to get married, or do not get married, live together... I do not wish that we got into casuistry: what can be done or cannot be done... That is why I am so thankful for this question, because it gives me the opportunity to clarify. The pastoral problem of the family is very, very wide, and should not be plucked case by case. That which Pope Benedict said three times - once in the South Tyrol, another time in Milan, and another in a consistory - is that the procedures of matrimonial nullity have to be examined. To study the faith with which a person enters matrimony, and clarify that divorcees are not strange. Oftentimes they are treated as if they were. I am certain that it was the Spirit of the Lord who guided us to choose this theme for the Synod. The family needs much pastoral help.
The Tenth Crusade is not amused:
If I want to teach my family about morals and I hire Charlie Sheen, one must assume I've done my homework and selected the right person to convey the message I wish to have conveyed. I own the outcome.

With all due respect, it is simply not believable to select Kasper, sit back and watch the circus of dissent and confusion he conveys on your behalf, and then claim you did not wish this outcome.

Not owning the outcome feels deceptive and that is impacting credibility and trust...The Roman Catholic Church ordained and hired dissenters on every level and the situation is catastrophic.

Announcing the fix is in, hiring a man leading a schismatic movement and then claiming he is shocked by the outcome tells us it is the same old show only now at the top.

It gives the appearance the Pope is among those who operate under the old chestnut of passive-aggressive deception. That is bringing a boatload of other problems he didn't expect upon his papacy.

This is the reality which everyone needs to face because it is not going away unless and until he stops the nonsense of appointing dissidents to speak and teach on his behalf. 
 I'm a firm believer in the notion of the "diabolical disorientation" afflicting the Catholic Church. What other reasonable explanation can there be for this pattern? The bishops know full well which of their priests are dissenters. The bishops are quite aware of persons they appoint to teach and preach who have a history of heresy and borderline schism. There is simply no way Pope Francis is unaware that Kasper is a de facto heretic. And yet dissenters, heretics, and schismatics everywhere occupy positions of power within the Church. The bishops are only moved to decisive action to shoot the messengers.

I know there are good priests and bishops out there. But I view all priests and bishops I don't know personally as untrustworthy until they give me a good reason to trust them. Their passive-aggressive deception is tiresome and nauseating.

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  1. "I am shocked, SHOCKED that gambling is going on here...."

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