Monday, May 5, 2014

But what will I do on Sundays now?

Last night was the final LifeTeen for the school year. When my pal the youth minister asked me to be on his core team, I doubted myself at first as I had never worked with teenagers before. It turns out kids respond well to gruff and surly types like me. They turned out all right. They responded well to our challenging them and emphasizing that yes, Jesus loves them, but life is hard and the Catholic faith can be hard. In other words, the best way to attract and keep the youth within the Church is to stop trying. A good rule of thumb: avoid parishes that emphasize what a warm and welcoming community they are.


  1. Jesus doesn't love them enough to keep your pederast priesthood from raping and molesting them.

    Jesus isn't real and neither is the Easter bunny. Quit lying to impressionable youths.