Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The stone rejected by the builders

Inside Catholic baseball stuff but basically a flourishing religious order has been stamped out because they were getting a little too old school for some people. I used to resent this sort of thing more than I do. As I get older though, you have to laugh at it or else you'll cry. It's difficult to exaggerate the seething hatred some clergymen have for the pre-Vatican II Church. Some men's dislike of the smells and bells is so cartoonishly over the top that I wouldn't take them seriously at all if they weren't in positions of power. The tragic thing is that Tradition-oriented young men and women are pretty much the only ones who display any interest in religious life at all anymore. I don't claim to know the will of God but it appears that he wants to raze the institutional Church to the foundations. At some point Tradition will be all we have left and we'll have to begin again from nearly scratch.

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