Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gammas in the mist

Larry Correia is one of my favorite living SF/F authors. I eagerly await the release of his latest entry in the Monster Hunter series. Don't click on the link if you've never read any of the books yet. In a series that long, the blurbs inevitably contain spoilers, heh. Another reason why I enjoy Correia is the way he utterly destroys leftists on his personal blog and on Twitter. If John C. Wright is the rapier, Correia is the big ass war hammer.
Larry Correia is the author of science fiction fantasy Monster Hunter series and the Grimnoir Chronicles, among other titles. He is also an unapologetically right-leaning supporter of the second amendment and firearms instructor. This sets him apart from a lot of folks in his industry leading to the occasional dust up.
After the freakout sparked by Miss Nevada promoting women’s self defense, Correia wrote a blog post with the headline The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape. Here’s a taste:
The idea that there is a “rape culture” in the USA is a myth. There are individual imbeciles, individual evil scumbags, and there are some criminal gang subcultures where rape is business as usual, but for most regular people it is an evil anomaly, and our children are taught accordingly. To all of these TEACH BOYS NOT TO RAPE morons, my question is who the hell is teaching them that it is okay? Where do you live? Next to Roman Polanski or Bill Clinton?  
Some of his science fiction author brethren weren’t too pleased with it and sanctimony ensued.
Enter fellow science fiction author John Scalzi.
 Sarcasm, agreeing and amplifying, subtlety, mockery, dry wit... all of these things are perfectly fine in their proper place. Scalzi frequently tries to employ them and frequently fails at it, coming across as a passive-aggressive tool. For example, he claims that this blog entry is not a continuation of the Twitter discussion but it's obvious he's insulting Correia without specifically naming Correia, thus giving Scalzi plausible deniability if Larry chooses to respond.
On the other hand, gun as fetish object? Creeps me out. When I see a picture of some dude hoisting some big damn gun about, often with appallingly poor trigger discipline, the first thing that comes to my mind is not look out, we have a badass on our hands, but, rather, here’s a dude who’s afraid of every fucking thing in the world. The big damn gun is like the eyes on the wings of a butterfly or a pufferfish sucking in seawater — a way to look bigger and maybe not get eaten. By whom? By whomever, man, I don’t know — when you’re afraid of every fucking thing in the world, I guess you spend a lot of time worrying about getting eaten.
The man's in his forties and he writes like a teenage girl. What exactly is a "big damn gun" in Scalzi's mind: a .45? A shotgun? A hunting rifle? A .50? Who are these mysterious dudes who creep him out, besides Correia?

Scalzi is displaying a peculiar liberal attitude in this paragraph which I can only describe as the Macho Eloi. They demand to know what gun owners are so afraid of, implying that they, liberals, are real he-men who don't need to rely on sissy guns for self-defense but would eagerly spill their opponents blood with their bare hands.
So wait, are you calling me a coward? I hear some of these dudes saying, hoisting their guns. No, not a coward. Just afraid.
I’m not afraid! I have a big damn gun! Yes, well. Whatever makes you feel not afraid, chuckles.
You wouldn’t be saying that if I were in front of you, with my big damn gun! Indeed, I probably wouldn’t, because when people who are afraid of every fucking thing in the world wander about with big damn guns, bad things have an increasingly likely chance of happening. I’ll just go have lunch in Chipotle until you wander off, if it’s all the same to you.
 Scalzi lives in one of the most pasty white enclaves in the country: John Boehner's congressional district. Why not move to a more vibrantly diverse neighborhood sir? I'm sure the vibrant youths would be eager to hear you call them cowards for wearing pistols stuck in their belts.

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