Thursday, June 12, 2014

It was Iraq lobster

Kirkuk and Mosul have fallen:
BAGHDAD/ARBIL, Iraq, June 12 (Reuters) - Iraqi Kurdish forces took control of the northern oil city of Kirkuk on Thursday, after government troops abandoned their posts in the face of a triumphant Sunni Islamist rebel march towards Baghdad that threatens Iraq's future as a unified state.

In Mosul, Sunni militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) staged a parade of American Humvees seized from the collapsing Iraqi army in the two days since the fighters drove out of the desert and overran Iraq's second biggest city.

Two helicopters, also seized by the militants, flew overhead, witnesses said, apparently the first time the militant group has obtained aircraft in years of waging insurgency on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian frontier.

State television showed what it said was aerial footage of Iraqi aircraft firing missiles at insurgent targets in Mosul. The targets could be seen exploding in black clouds.

Further south, the fighters extended their lightning advance to towns only about an hour's drive from the capital Baghdad, where Shi'ite militia are mobilizing for a potential replay of the ethnic and sectarian bloodbath of 2006-2007.
Iraq is majority Shia, so at some point the Shiites will put up a stiffer resistance against the Kurds and Sunnis. So far this is the inevitable consequence of the mad neocon project to bring democracy, feminism, and gay marriage to the Middle East. Democracy among these people will always end in Islamist extremism. Always. Holding Iraq together was something that could only ever be done by someone like Saddam Hussein. If the US had to get involved in Iraq at all - and I don't believe it had to - then we should have either annihilated them or installed another Saddam-style strongman more friendly to us. As it happened, we destroyed the existing power structure while leaving all of the different factions strong enough to cause trouble for each other. We created the perfect conditions for a determined band of Islamic 4th generation fighters to overthrow a weak central government.

I must admit it's happening quicker than I expected. We'll see if the Iraqi government puts up more of a fight once Baghdad is under siege. This further demonstrates the wasting away of the nation-state. It may take another few decades, a century or two, but the nation-states of the West will eventually become as decrepit and ramshackle as Iraq's. Spoiler alert: my novel "World without End" takes place in a future where the nation-state has become a thing of the past, the subject of myths and legends.

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  1. My main concern is for the Christians in Kurdistan. Hopefully the Peshmerga will keep the jihadists away from them.