Thursday, June 5, 2014

The law of prayer is the law of belief is the law of living

A return to the sacrifice to save the Sacrament:
It all began with the disastrous reform to the Rite of the Mass which followed the Second Vatican Council.

With the pretext of translating the Mass into the vernacular in 1969 - it was changed radically, practically re-made and purged of all the explicit references to the Propitiatory Sacrifice – in order to please the Protestants.

In fact, the Mass was increasingly transformed into a Holy Supper and this was done basically, so that the priests and the faithful [could] be nurtured at the “two tables” of the Word and the Body of Christ; in short, the Mass was done so as to have Communion.

So the central and determining factor of the Sacrifice of Christ disappeared from the everyday life of Catholics. It was for this Jesus instituted the Eucharist so that His sacrifice on the Cross be perpetuated - the sacrifice, which alone cancels sins and placates Divine Justice.
This illustrates why it's vital to take ownership of your Catholic faith. If you rely solely on the life of your parish, then the odds are good you'll wind up an apostate or a baptized pagan. Not once in my six months of RCIA or in the nine years since my reception into the Church have I ever heard anyone breathe a word about the notion of the Mass as a propitiatory sacrifice. The dominant belief in the local parishes is that we go to Mass to receive Communion. That's it. That's all. Mass is an occasion to make nice, hold hands, and have fun. The priest will crack a few jokes to break the ice and let us know that nothing too serious is going on. At Communion time a bunch of old ladies will crowd into the sanctuary to assist the priest in presiding over the distribution of the community's meal.

It's a sad state of affairs that most Catholics take the radical disconnect between praxis and doctrine for granted. It takes a particularly impoverished Catholic imagination to believe that so long as the matter and form are hunky dory than anything goes. If you do not actively teach the faith, then the people will lose it. If you do not speak the truth, the people will forget it. If you teach and preach the truth but your actions do not square with it, your work will be for naught. If the official doctrine is that the Mass is a propitiatory sacrifice but you never speak of it like that, only in terms of the community meal, then the people will eventually think of it as nothing more than a community meal. And if it's just a community meal then it makes sense that so few people show up for Adoration and that Corpus Chrisi processions are so rare nowadays. The Eucharist is for eating after all.

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